By on February 1, 2009

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15 Comments on “ Superbowl Ad: What’s Wrong With This Video?...”

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    Way too much drama for a car ad. Oh, and Princeton grads don’t drive Pontiacs.

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    If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?

    Trading up what MIGHT be a Lumina for a Pontiac G6 and you’re at least dean of Princeton? Unless you are paying off 3 vacation homes in Fiji, Hawaii, and Sicily, buy an S-class or something.

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    Bridge2far is a rip off anyway

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    Having only one baby when they could have had eight.

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    Rev Junkie

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out buying a Pontiac G6 is easy. Just go in, show that you’re serious about buying one, and watch the rebates drop from the sky. “One G6, minus employee discount, GM loyalty discount, college grad discount, discount discount, factory rebate, a discount added to the rebate, and…. we owe you $600. Thank you for your business.

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    I would say losing his virginity would be first on his anti-anxiety list.

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    I think the “creatives” at the agency were more concerned with getting off on their own egos than selling the product.

    It might be a symptom of the generalized panic overtaking the ad houses.

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    Pretty much a rip-off of the snarky Top Gear-ish type of humor that is absolutely hit or miss in the American advertising world.

    I’ll bet the CEO of Car Smart though this was hilarious. Tedious I think. Good idea but poor execution. I’d suggest making the guy’s accomplishments a little more ordinary (Princeton?) but equally tongue in cheek. That might make the beater trade-in money shot at the end work better.

    I also would’ve had him trade in a late ’70’s Camry. Just for fun.

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    What is wrong is that it implies that no one out there is smart enough to negotiate a car purchase. If this man, with all his courage and nerves of steel, can’t do it, then what hope do you have? Give up, and let us do the thinking for you. Just bend over and hand over your wallet.

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    @yankinwaoz You’re right. Insulting people does not lead to sells.

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    I also would’ve had him trade in a late ’70’s Camry. Just for fun.

    It would be loads of fun, but not possible. The Camry name was first used in 1980 as a submodel of the JDM Celica, and wasn’t a separate model – or even in the U.S. – until 1982.

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    Could David Abernathy be Chaz Tenenbaum’s long-lost twin separated at birth and pronounced twice lost at sea in his quest to summit Mt. Kilamanjaro?

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    yeah, its just a very weak attempt at a Wes Anderson movie (especially Rushmore / Tenenbaums).

    There have been a few similar Super Bowl ads in the last decade, Hummer’s “Happy Jack” H2 spot being the most overt.

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    The goldfish was Plato, not Aristotle. The owl, not seen, was Aristotle.

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    Just as with last year’s SB commercials, continues to portray their dealer clients as ruthless and unethical. You’d think it wouldn’t be smart to insult the source of one’s income.

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