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65 Comments on “Would You Buy a Fully-Loaded EcoBoost AWD Lincoln MKT for $55k? Would Anyone?...”

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    Evan is a Robot


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    This is one of those vehicles that will debut with 3-4k on the hood… unlike the new RX, which will probably sell with huge markups for the first few months.

    Sad, but because Lincoln name is no longer desirable or considered “cool” asking people for 55k for this car is unreasonable. Luxury vehicles need to be marketed correctly to try to convince people it’s worth the premium.

    Look at Lexus, they sell tarted up 4Runners (same interior), for 55k+ without a problem. It’s all in the marketing and brand!

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    I don’t think this is the time for Halo products, and even as one…this does not cut it.

    I’d rather see a direct injection, turbocharged (a.k.a. EcoBoost) 1-1.4 litre 4 cylinder gem to be put in Fiestas, Focus, and heck, why not a Fusion. What about putting this technology in 3 cylinder engines to claim the MPG crown while providing adequate performance ?

    The point is, this is the wrong car at the wrong time, and it seems Ford is pursuing tactics of the past. I’m frankly disappointed, as I actually believed Ford had seen the light and was reinventing itself to follow it.

    The winner of this car industry bottom will be one that understands the pulse of the market….a 55K Lincoln is not the place to start in my opinion.

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    Face it, Lincoln needs to be killed and if Ford wants a luxury brand they need to start over. Nearly 30 years of bland, mediocre cars have killed any prestige that the Lincoln brand had.

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    I could get a G37 and twin charged for the same amount of monies, or even less.

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    I think a $55K Lincoln MKT is an excellent value, for me to poop on.

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    Definately not.

    Luxury cars (especailly SUV’s) are all about no compromise. This car by its very nature is a compromise, its a car chassis jacked up so that it can have “command seating” while getting better gas mileage than the navigator.

    The problem is the appeal of the navigator was that it made no excuses for what it was, big and luxurious.

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    I would.

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    A $55k Lincoln? Since we are telling jokes, I have one.

    A pirate walks into a bar with the steering wheel of his ship hanging off his crotch.

    The bartender looks at the pirate and says, “Umm, I don’t mean to point out the obvious, but you have steering wheel hanging off your crotch.”

    The pirate replied, “Aye, boy, it’s been there all day long!”

    Puzzled the bartender asked, “Doesn’t that bother you?”

    The pirate shot back, “AYE, IT’S BEEN DRIVIN’ ME NUTS!”

    I know, it doesn’t compare to the one about the $55k MKT.

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    55k… now that’s funny!

    A loaded RX350 with that awesome Mark Levinson stereo stickers at 45k.

    Those Ford marketing guys sure have a good sense of humor, but not a good sense of timing.

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    The only Ford product I would pay $55k for is the one they don’t make anymore: the GT. Everything else would have a $25-30k ceiling for me.

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    A fully decked Audi A6 Avant stickers for less. The MKT doesn’t have the chops to dance with that crowd. That’s nearing BMW levels of absurdity.

    Hack $10K off that price and you’re starting to get in the ballpark of reason.

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    I think the better question is: is any Lincoln worth that much more than it’s Ford equivalent?

    In the case of the MKS and Taurus, the answer is probably yes. The MKS is very nice, and is worth the premium based on the cosmetic tweaks and improved interior. The MKZephyr is similar: it’s nice enough versus the Fusion to warrant the bump.

    In this case, the Flex is already a really nice vehicle. I’d have real trouble buying it instead of this car. The MKX also falls into this category: unless you must have Lincoln service, or really hate the way the Edge looks, what’s the point?

    That said, a $55K luxury crossover is probably a really bad thing to launch into the maw of a recession. The Flex has enough trouble, and it’s slightly practical. Hell, Corolla sales are suffering, and it’s the automotive equivalent of bran flakes.

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    It is rather expensive. I havent seen a list of all the content that price brings. But I would definitely pay as much for an MKT as I would for an MDX or Lexus RX. Topping out in the high 40’s seems much more reasonalbe.

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    No and No. Next!

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    Jonny Lieberman

    Now hang on just a moment — what were people paying for fully loaded Navigators?

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    It’s funny, because a loaded 4wd 2009 RX is like $48k, which means the 2010 will probably be $49-50k without many features (including things like park assist only offered on its $80k car) no third-row seating, 80 less hp (and nearly 100 fewer ft-lb of torque) and only marginally better mileage.

    I suppose you could go for an Audi Q7 with the 4.2, which still doesn’t match the power of the ecoboost and gets vastly worse mileage and costs $10k more for the same equipment… plus, you’ll get all the mechanical issues Audis come with.

    I suppose you could claim the Cadillac SRX might have lower pricing, but then you’ll forget that the SRX is now much smaller – competitive with the RX now – and comes with GM’s mechanical baggage that recent Ford launches haven’t had.

    Lincoln’s $55k max ($45k start) is in the right spot. Our perception of Lincoln isn’t. But if you like its design, it’s probably one the best values on the market in its class. I’m sorry you’re going to go overpay for a Q7 instead.

    It’s all a perception game. And if Ford is willing to have lower sales to help boost Lincoln’s transaction price – more power to them.

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    I’ve looked at the Flex at a local dealer and it’s actually very nice (awesome road trip vehicle). I agree with others that the Lincoln version just doesn’t seem that much nicer at first glance. Of course in person it may be a lot nicer than pictures suggest.

    This might be a tough sell.

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    Now hang on just a moment — what were people paying for fully loaded Navigators?

    You mean when they were new, or now?

    Because I imagine the Repo Man and/or the Police auctions are selling them real cheap. Heck, you could probably scoop Kwame Kilpatrick’s off-lease one for that extra bit of panache.

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    They sure don’t have the reputation to support that price level.
    Is the big crossover market that good?

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    John R

    Nope. Just sayin’…

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    Does anyone actually pay full sticker for a Lincoln? My guess is that the fully loaded ones will be scarce, and they will have massive incentives fairly quickly. That will bring them in line with the real-world price of a vehicle like this… $45K sounds closer to reality.

    I will assume that this vehicle will replace the Navigator, which cannot be selling more than a few per month anyway. In that regard, people were willing to fork over $50-$60K for one of those beasts… and this is a much nicer vehicle.

    But here is the kicker… is it REALLY any better than a Flex? Probably not, and frankly the Lincoln is frightful to look at. The Flex, not so much.

    Save your cash and buy the Ford.

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    Grrr… This Lincoln is a deal.

    Why? It’s simple. I’m going to give you a list of capabilities/qualities. All you have to do is match them for $55K or less.

    * Seats six in complete, long-term comfort, including a Maybach-quality fridge.

    * 355 horsepower and 22mpg, or more/better.

    * 4500-pound tow rating. (That sound you just heard was the sound of the jacked-up Camrys and Altimas dropping out of the running.)

    * Laser/radar cruise control.

    * AWD.

    * Top-notch telematics and sound system. (Which just excluded all GM products.)

    * Outstanding ride, handling, visibility.

    * No-excuses interior.

    * Individual rear-seat DVD players.

    So. Got any products which match it? The Japanese FWD-based SUVs don’t have the room, the power, or the towing capacity. The Japanese truck-based SUVs don’t have the mileage, the ride, or the ease of use. The Germans cost too much and don’t match the mileage. The GM products can’t match the power or the mileage. Chrysler doesn’t play in this market.

    The world of club racing is chock-full of $65,000 trucks pulling 4500lbs. Most of these vehicles double as kid-haulers and wife-mobiles during the week. The MKT is a silver bullet for this application.

    It’s also a fantastic alternative to the six-and-seven-seat mega-luxury SUVs. This will be a better vehicle in all possible measures than a LX470 or GL450.

    Let me finish by saying succintly: If the MKT said “Lexus” on the grille a lot of people would crawl over broken glass to fellate its greenwashed tailpipe.

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    @Jonny Lieberman :

    “Now hang on just a moment — what were people paying for fully loaded Navigators?”

    I think around $20k for a mint low mileage model.

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    Jonny Lieberman

    I meant what DID people pay for fully loaded ‘Gators?

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    John R

    Outstanding ride, handling, visibility.

    You’ve driven it?

    No-excuses interior.

    Have you noticed the exterior?

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    Grrr… This Lincoln is a deal.

    I don’t think that’s the issue. The issue is Lincoln is asking $55K for a premium product, without the branding to back it up, in the middle of a terrible market.

    Good product or no, it’s a bad idea. It’s going to bleed Ford of cash it can’t afford to lose. Heck, it could actually be even worse: it’s failure to sell sends a message to consumers and Lincoln’s marketing people that good product doesn’t sell.

    To use your example: Lexus couldn’t shift this car in this market, even if it came with a free gold brick in the trunk and ran on happy thoughts. Lincoln’s nuts to even try; this should have been mothballed in favour accelerating the MKZ, or better yet, the Fiesta.

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    I meant what DID people pay for fully loaded ‘Gators?

    In dollars, or in the real-world currency of hookers and blow?

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    How about an EcoBoost AWD Taurus wagon so I can: a) afford it, and b.) carry my Komondor around.

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    @ Jack Baruth:

    How about a Lincoln Navigator that can tow has just as much space inside, a smooth air suspension ride with IRS, and gets 20mpg.

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    I’ve sat in the MKT. It is significantly nicer than the Flex inside. Nicer than the MKS as well, though it lacks the fancy Bridge of Whatever leather.

    The stumbling blocks, as I see them, will be the brand and the exterior styling. Does anyone love the look of this thing?

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    Like the MKS, Lincoln isn’t planning to sell huge numbers. So for those who see a value in the MKT, the price is right.

    This is for people coming out of Navigators (go check out those MSRPs!) and Escalades.

    Just think of the profit margin on one of these. Same chassis as a $26k vehicle, same engine etc..

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    The “other shoe” in this economy is end of the lifestyles that many people used to justify driving such vehicles. Need to tow 4500 pounds for club racing? I have to wonder how many people are going to have that as a priority in a vehicle for the next few years. And that’s the problem. It’s way too much for most people’s real needs. Of all of the vehicles used as a comparison in this discussion (Q7, RX-350, etc.), none is selling well in this market. Furthermore, the fall-off in sales of luxury brands (across all product types) is larger on a percentage basis than that hitting the mainstream brands. To me, that’s the real story here.

    So, yeah, the new Lincoln actually matches up well against its competitors. But to answer the question, not in this market and not for the forseeable future.

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    @ John R:

    Haven’t driven it. I have driven a Flex, extensively, and I’m aware of the changes made under the MKT. In the unlikely event that the MKT departs from the Ford D-whatever ride/handling profile, I will come back on here and apologize, the same way I apologized to the readers of “Bicycles Today” back in 1997 for disrespecting the Dia-Compe AheadSet.

    @ guyincognito:

    The MKT is a far easier vehicle to operate than the ‘Gator, it gets a nontrivial 25% better mileage, and it’s likely to be more comfortable. Full-sized SUVs are much tougher to drive than a Flex.

    I freely admit to being biased here. This is the perfect vehicle for me; I tow a small car on an open trailer, need the space, have a child on the way, and have a wife who likes driving the Flex but hates driving big trucks. It’s worth every bit of $55,000 to me. I’ve paid more and gotten less.

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    An X5 Diesel is $51k. 425 ft lbs of torque vs. 350 in the MKT. Only 22 mpg in the Lincoln vs. 26 mpg in the BMW. Maintenance included in the BMW.

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    Nope, and don’t underestimate that someone will want it.

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    hugh sutherland

    I suppose today I might get 22 grand for my 04 Lexus LS 430, but I’ll still have it in 10 years, not like this ugly POS . Interior quality, Levinson Sound system, ride quality, steamy big V8.
    55k, you say, don’t make me laugh over my haggis

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    If the MKT said “Lexus” on the grille a lot of people would crawl over broken glass to fellate its greenwashed tailpipe. = best quote ever

    Really, though, if people were clamoring a vehicle like this the Mercedes R-Class would have sold well from the get-go (a loaded R, by the way, goes for the exact same money)…and the only advantage that the MKT has over that thing is towing and a few horsepower (but it’ll surely be heavier)…though who buys a $55K bloated AWD minivan to tow? My guess would be that those who have this kind of money to spend on vehicles and want to tow typically have something that weighs more than 4,500 lbs to tow. And if you do want the capacity, MB will sell you a GL for $5K more, that can do 7,500 lbs. And if you’re spending $55, why not $60? Who’s on that strict of a budget once you’re spending more than $50K on a vehicle? I’m not a big MB fan, but Lincoln, as a brand, can’t compete with status-conscious buyers in this price range.

    Navigators (like Escalades) sold so well when bigger was better because they became their own brand (a big, brash, wholly american brand, at that). They became statement vehicles, much like the Prius…and the MKT isn’t, nor will it ever be, a statement vehicle. The Lincoln brand is far too tarnished by years of neglect (Town Car) and utter idocy (Zephyr-MKwhogivesash*t) to command this kind of money. Those who do want an AWD minivan that costs over $50K (likely to be primarily affluent suburban housewives) are some of the most brand-conscious buyers in the marketplace.

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    Scorched Earth

    Hell no.

    But then again, I would rather die than plop $50K+ on a barebones Mercedes-Benz R350, but there’s plenty of people who disagree with me. The MKT Ecoboost makes WAY more sense than that car.

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    Wow…and I thought the Flex was overpriced.

    $55K for a sad re badge that is so ugly…even Stevie Wonder would turn away from it.

    Oh well…just add the Lincoln Flex to the D3 FAIL list.

    And whatever happened to the drivel that Ecoboost was going to cost $700.00?

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    Let’s see, there are about 432 players in the NBA, 1696 in the NFL, and 750 players in Major League Baseball. I don’t know what hockey players drive, probably Zambonis.

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    Kind of expensive for an airport limo.

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    As long as Ford isn’t clamoring for a bailout so they can sell half a million of these a year at a loss, why bash? No, I don’t like the design, but if they profitably sell several per annum to people who do like it, then hey – why be all things to all people?

    Ford does not have the spirit of a luxury car company. Let Mulally drive his Lexus while directing the financing and production of Tauruses. Not everybody deserves to be a “Tier 1” luxury automaker.

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    The only people buying lincolns are BRAND LOYAL TO FORD.

    I’ve got a family full of em. When I bought a Chrysler 300 they teased me but, when I bought a Benz S550 – they had to STFU cause I showed them how dated their cars were.

    That’s not to say Lincolns aren’t desireable. The MKS is a fresh start for Lincoln, and along with MKZ and MKX IT IS SELLING WELL – the MKT WILL SELL WELL because their are alot of Lincoln Loyal retirees who will want one and don’t mind paying $55K for a fully loaded model – though the less optioned models will obviously sell better.

    The MKS is a great car. When it gets the TT Ecoboost engine – IT WILL BE THE EQUAL of a GS Lexus. Lincoln is a very reliable car and the interior is great. I’ve tested its computer systems and they actually work better than my S550’s because they are simplistic.

    The MKT will be purchased by people coming off Navigators. ITS LOOKS ARE GOING TO SELL IT.

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    My guess would be that those who have this kind of money to spend on vehicles and want to tow typically have something that weighs more than 4,500 lbs to tow.

    A 996 or 997 on a Featherlite is 4500lbs and I see three dozen of those at every PCA weekend, usually pulled by a Cayenne S.

    I suspect that very few TTAC readers are in quite the right demographic for this one. That’s neither good nor bad, just an observation.

    As for the idea of buying a Mercedes GL… why pay more to go slower, have a worse interior, less space, and a bigger footprint?

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    Seth L

    Man wouldn’t this have been a great car to put that 2002 concept Continental’s styling on?

    As it is, bleg.

    I’m thinking its direct competition is the Buick Enclave, which it will likely beat on features and quality, but will fail on price. In this economy, advnatage: Enclave.

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    Crackers that was great. The only good thing about this car is that you should be able to get a great deal at an estate sale. This reminds me about the Town Car ads that my local dealer runs. It seems to me that they pick a number out of a hat for the MSRP. Then they brag about how they sell them for 1/3 off MSRP.

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    It’s not as funny a joke as a $63,000 DTS. I looked at the Caddy site for comparison and nearly fell off my chair at that one!

    To be fair, I wouldn’t pay $55,000 for most of the cars people spend that kind of cash on.

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    No and Nope! I wouldn’t spend $55K on any of todays bland passionless appliances, especially something that looks like a plain breadbox with way over wrought front end styling.

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    Isn’t the MKT like twice the size of an RX?
    Why are people comparing the two?
    This is more like a Q7 or XC90 or Cayenne
    $55K sounds good but remember that “fully loaded” usually includes crappy options that cost $3K but no one wants or needs.
    Plus discounts
    Remember that the rich people still have money to spend

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    John Horner

    Well, compared to a Cayenne the Lincoln is an absolute bargain. Heck, a fully loaded Volvo XC90 V-8 AWD stickers at over $58k. A loaded Audi Q7 can sport stickers touching up against $70k. The MKT seems downright reasonable against that bunch.

    But don’t ask me, I get the shakes even thinking about buying new vehicles priced over $30k. A few years down the road when they have taken the customary luxury nameplate 60% or greater depreciation … just maybe. It all depends how trouble prone the model ends up being.

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    “Remember that the rich people still have money to spend”

    True. But the difference is that now all those people who thought they were rich don’t have any money to spend. Turns out there were an awful lot of them.

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    $55K is a lot especially when the car shares chassis with a few other models.

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    It’s ugly as sin which doesn’t help.

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    Hack $10K off that price and you’re starting to get in the ballpark of reason.

    Exactly. You don’t think many of them are going to sell at MSRP, do you?

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    Your old pal Bob

    On my drive home this afternoon, a phalanx of MKT (market? Mark T? WTF?) parked in front of the Lake Hemet Store on what looked like a low-key press junket. What I found interesting was that a couple were towing trailers. You can tow a trailer with this thing? Really? Oh yeah, that and the cow catcher grilles. Wow, yikes.

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    If I had that kind of money, I would. I already love the Flex, and a Lincoln version with extra goodies would certainly interest me.

    I wouldn’t expect major discounts out of the gate. The MKS had no rebates when it debuted, and at my dealership we sold them at no discount from MSRP for the first several months, and sold a lot of them. Now with employee pricing going on sales have of course escalated, but there are still no rebates on the vehicle.

    As is noted above, the MKX is the competitor for the RX, MDX, ML, etc. Having not seen a real live MKT yet I don’t know if it is as large inside as a Flex, but if it is, you aren’t giving up much usable interior space to a Navigator.

    Also, people have maligned Lincoln for producing less than top-notch vehicles in the past, letting models get stale, and generally drifting into obscurity. If Lincoln is going to be the standard of American luxury again, it needs no holds barred well built well engineered vehicles like the MKT. You don’t climb out of obscurity by playing it safe and not getting noticed.

    In fact, if you take away the four pointed star from the grill and you base the vehicle on its merits – 350hp/lb-ft, 15/22mpg, room for six or seven with class leading second row head and leg room plus room for real adults in the third row, industry leading phone/nav/infotainment, top notch audio, bleeding edge safety features (including the new automatic brake if your damn well going to crash thing from Volvo), well crafted interior with attention paid to detail, quiet and refined ride, huge glass roof, laser-guided cruise and automatic parallel parking, AWD, heated and air-conditioned front and second row seats, power everything, automatic everything, memory everything, compressor driving refridgerator/freezer, 4500lbs towing capability, fold flat seats for real cargo capacity, plus I am sure a bunch more I am forgetting, how much would you pay for a vehicle with all of that?

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    This car is certainly not my grandparents’ 89 Town Car. Of all the cars (LeSabre, Town Car, Acura RL) they had over the years of my childhood, the Lincoln was my favorite.

    Lincoln needs to abandon this alpha soup naming scheme and return to its heritage of unmistakable styling. This thing is already being compared (rightly) to a whale. Sad.

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    That grille is the most dishonorable thing done to a Lincoln since that incident at Ford’s Theater.

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    I will concede that it is pricey, but you are asking the wrong crowd. Asking most of the people in this crowd to acutally spend real money on anything built by a Detroit automaker is like asking jihadists to accept Jesus as their savior.

    Point being…Did you really have to ask??

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    I could see picking one up 4 years old for $20K.

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    yea one does have to second guess. espically since its a lincoln and this is alot of money. and then you consider that the enclave is just as nice (in my opnion) and for less money. but on the other hand if we want to ever mention lincoln in the same sentence as mb and lexus,etc.. then we have to realize that they need to eventuall start competing in this price point

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    Here’s a novel idea. Let’s wait for it come out before we decide what it’s worth or whether we’d own it or not. I’m sure we can all at least PRETEND to be objective before we hop on the bash-the-domestic bandwagon. Well some of us can…

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    The price is high but not unreasonable in its market and for what it offers. I’ll reserve judgment till I see one in the flesh and drive it.

    That said, if its like most recent Ford products, it will be WAY more reliable than any BMW, or Mercedes – and WAY WAY WAY more reliable than a VW/Audi.

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