By on January 5, 2009

Fastest Pоlice car in the world

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12 Comments on “Who the Hell is HE Going to Catch?...”

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    …and my wife thinks the supercharger is loud with a CAI…

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    With a 95 second head start, brakes and the ability to negotiate a 90 degree turn at will, I likes my chances of eluding Buford T. Jetstice.

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    Still, jet cars are pretty awesome

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    Robert Schwartz

    Ohio just ordered 600 of them.

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    They must of stuck one of those small Williams International turbo jet engine in there.

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    Still, jet cars are pretty awesome

    Not when you go to the Choctaw Indian indoor arena to see a monster truck show with your five year old and the idiot on the jet powered ATV sets cars on fire in an INDOOR ARENA! To top it off, there was no firetruck on site – they put the fire out with a truck used to wet down roads during constructions.

    Also, there was no evacuation plan – just the announcer saying “GET OUT OF THE BUILDING – NOW!!!”. Luckily it was a small arena. The ATV rider had asked beforehand if he could do that and was told no – he did it anyway.

    I can’t believe that with monster trucks and a jet powered vehicle, there was no firetruck present. Of course, it was on Choctaw property so they were not subject federal or state regulations, but still, it was stupid. They tried to cover it up, but I shot video of the incident. They told the local newspaper that the fire was caused by the rider of the ATV losing control due to a malfunction. They told the TV station that a monster truck had crashed causing the fire.

    Moral of the story – no investigation by anyone. No one wants to go after the Choctaw nation for fear of anti-Indian bias charges and besides, there’s nothing that could legally be done anyway.

    Therefore, jet cars are not ALWAYS awesome…

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    I loved that he was melting the fence behind him.

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    Don’t let Al Gore see that video. He’ll have a stroke.

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    Rocket cars should do a mile run. 1/4 mile is way too short. Actually every class should do a mile.

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    Being car bodies and not airplanes, death would probably be certain before the 1/2 mile mark.

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    Austin Greene

    Could this be the reason that Americans are unwelcome in Europe?

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    Jet cars are still awesome

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