By on January 27, 2009

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34 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?...”

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    With all that snow… the car is not covered in road salt (as mine currently is)?

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    Rod Panhard

    “Johnny, don’t you park that filthy car on my white carpet ever again!”

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    Do my eyes deceive me or did someone deliberately manufacture wheels that look like the glaive from Krull?

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    The hot girl on their website in this pic is not on this one?

    Is that a pile of salt?

    High performance tires on snow?

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    No tire tracks in the snow.

    How could that be!? Parsimony suggests that the car spontaneously self-assembled in that spot. Or it was created by an army of tiny UAW members that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Those, to me, are the simplest explanations of how a car can be on a snow covered surface but not have any tire tracks in the snow. I can’t imagine any other way. We live in miraculous times.

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    The tires are pristine, and the side mirror is emitting snow.

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    The rims almost look like they would add to wind resistance?

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    Yeah it seems the rims are sticking a fair distance out from the tires.

    Immediately makes me think of a chariot from Ben-Hur.

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    John R

    I’m going with the lack of salt on the tires, but it would have been far more entertaining if the wheel design was actually a plagiarized example of Shinobi’s shurikens.

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    Looks like the tire is on the rim backwards.

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    An object either casts a shadow…or it doesn’t. In this case, the shadow gets progressively lighter from back to front. IMPOSSIBLE!

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    They look like directional rims mounted on the wrong side of the car.

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    Steve C.

    It’s snowing in EGYPT!
    That pyramid is covered with snow!

    That’s what’s wrong with the picture. It’s taken on the Day After Tomorrow.

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    juris98 : An object either casts a shadow…or it doesn’t. In this case, the shadow gets progressively lighter from back to front. IMPOSSIBLE!

    Its perfectly possible with multiple light sources, such as a professional photographer might use to ensure the shot is lit to show proper detail of the subject, and be aesthetic at the same time.

    As far as whats wrong.. the wheel is just ugly.

    Really. Ugly.

    Ostentatious doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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    Driving a white car on snow leads to an off-white car.

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    the back window has the reflection of salt, or something. Whereas, the front window doesn’t. that seems unnatural.
    and yes, the tires just, uhh, landed upon the rims.

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    There is a light spot behind the rear tire where it should be dark. The windshield and front side window are darkly tinted with very little reflection. The rear side window is very bright. The windows look like a four door car, the doors look like a coupe.

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    The mirror is erupting.

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    The “booth babe” is missing.

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    @: sadicnd, AandA: The reflections appear to be correct. Towards the rear of the car, the reflection of the white “mountain” is what you see making the glass appear lighter; the curved nature of the glass and the angle of the sides of the “mountain” are conspiring to make it appear as though the rear door glass is reflective and the front door glass is not. The windshield appears odd because its a curved surface reflecting an otherwise featureless sky, giving it the appearance of nothing in particular.

    As for the little light spot behind the rear tire.. That is weird..

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    It’s the two different shades of “snow” giving the illusion that the car is really parked at the base of the volcano. Unless the car is parked on a plateau you could never get this shot. And I don’t usually associate plateaus with volcanos. But that’s just me.

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    While it is only my opinion… clearly the A5 looks best in black.

    AEZ… they made a nice wheel once…

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    I’m not sure its a volcano.. it looks more like a big pile of ice-melt salt.. wasn’t there a post about this here recently? Something about the model in some of the photos and where the shoot was done? Maybe I saw that someplace else..

    Yep. Here ’tis:

    Check the photo. That pile of stuff was man-man on location for the shoot, apparently, as evidenced by the conveyor belt lift thing on the left side of the picture. Pretty clearly piling stuff up on purpose.. whatever the “stuff” happens to be.

    EDIT2: A Quick google search turns up info on beaches on the island of Mallorca. (sp?) Apparently its sand, or salt.. not sure which.

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    The wheel looks like a Chrysler Pentastar to me.

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    Thou shall not drive in snow on UHP summer tires.

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    To me, it looks like the car is an Audi A5 or S5.

    If it’s an S5, it would have a “V8” badge below the mirror, and an A5 wouldn’t have anything there (I believe).

    This has a badge that’s been photoshopped into something that’s red, blue, and illegible.

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    brndn81 : S5 has those little trims on the rocker panels… A5, as shown above.

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    Clearly the wheel is on the wrong side of the car.

    Those spokes act as blades to pull air out from the brake disk. The way this wheel is mounted, the air would be pushed onto the disk.

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    What’s wrong is the picture is getting a lot more attention than it deserves.

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    It slashes your pursuer’s tires when the blades pop out. And I thought it was just called the ‘Kruller’, until I met the pastry.

    >>thecavanaughs :
    >>January 27th, 2009 at 8:23 am

    >>Do my eyes deceive me or did someone deliberately >>manufacture wheels that look like the glaive from Krull?

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    I hate it when you ask – WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE and then don’t provide an answer at the bottom of the page.

    Is this some type of bullshit rhetorical question?

    If you ask me – you shouldn’t have rims like that in winter – or, the fact I can’t see a caliper.

    But how will I resolve this if you don’t tell me?

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    Snow on the Pyramids?

    Not bloody damn likely!

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    The tire is on the wheel correctly, but the wheel is on the wrong side of the car. Those wheels pull air out from under the car to cool the brakes and provide a tiny, nearly-insignificant amount of downforce. You would still get brake cooling this way, but you’d actually get a bit of lift, which I think those crazy engineers usually try to avoid.

    Take a look at a McLaren SLR if you want to see that wheel design done right.

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    There are, in fact, tire tracks visible. You can see them coming down the “mountain”. I’m sure it’s all photoshop, but they did at least try.

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