Rant: To Tell the Truth

rant to tell the truth

I blame the Quakers. My Friends-owned alma mater’s motto is “For the Honor of Truth.” What the Hell does that mean? What for the honor of truth? And, as my father liked to say, that and 50 cents will get you downtown. From my admittedly skewed perspective, finding and disseminating truth is about more than just personal honor. It’s about providing a service that’s fundamental to society’s survival. A society that lies to itself will always be in danger of self-destruction (e.g. GM). Hence the reason why Mother Nature creates mutant truth-tellers, who love honesty so much they’re wiling to risk everything to share it. OK, maybe “share” is the wrong word. Bit too touchy-feely. “Confront liars” is more appropriate. Again, ultimately, it’s for their own good. Convincing people of that fact is a life’s work. Even so, when it comes to the public purse, the desire for the truth has a wider resonance that gives me hope. Now, let’s get out those coals and that rake…

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  • Tommy Yoo Tommy Yoo on Jan 07, 2009

    With a public more interested in celebrities than the economy (other than this absurd fascination in the three major indices), it's no surprise that the "jobs jobs jobs" and bailout for bailout's sake went through. Sure there's a grumble, but yeah, that's about it. Sad.

  • Billc83 Billc83 on Jan 07, 2009


  • Demetri Demetri on Jan 07, 2009

    I wish there were more outrage, and I wish there were more I could do. I took all of my money out of Countrywide, which is part of Bank of America who took 20 billion from TARP. I can also refuse to buy a GM or Chrysler vehicle, but I was already doing that before the bailout.

  • HarveyBirdman HarveyBirdman on Jan 07, 2009

    Excellent rant. However, you seem far too serene in the broadcast to call it a rant. I think of Sean Hannity as one who rants, but you? I dunno. But don't take me wrong, I'm not asking for more raised voices and twisted logic. On a more serious note, now that Csaba Csere is out of the picture, you need to become the go-to guy for the MSM's auto industry coverage. But perhaps they're not too interested in truth-tellers. (I say that without casting any aspersions on Mr. Csere's character.) As long as we have a free internet, though, you can continue to spread the good word. But you really do have a perfect voice for radio.