By on December 25, 2008

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18 Comments on “Calvin and Hobbes. Fifteen Years Ago…...”

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    too funny!!!

    How about some killer snowmen while you’re at it…

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    Funny, improvement_needed, I was half hoping it’d be one of those, although this strip is beyond great and fitting! I miss Calvin & Hobbes and Far Side.

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    He forgot one apparent principal of big business. If there are insufficient customers at that price point and further loss is threatened, you must raise the price. This is the BMW and M-B path to financial health.

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    Corporation always worked the exact same way. Lets thank the Neocons and Reagan’s voodoo economics for allowing the rich to get ridiculously rich – stealing cash – and driving invisible debt to infinity.

    In a sane country these bastards would be drug out into the street and shot in the back of the head.

    Ask CHINA how much embezellment they have…that’s cause they EXECUTE for it.

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    Flashpoint :
    December 25th, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Neocons, Reagan, thieving plutocrats and the palliative effect of curbside executions. Gee, all that’s missing from your comment is the lyrics to The Internationale.

    Ouvriers, paysans, nous sommes
    Le grand parti des travailleurs
    La terre n’appartient qu’aux hommes
    L’oisif ira loger ailleurs
    Combien, de nos chairs se repaissent
    Mais si les corbeaux, les vautours
    Un de ces matins disparaissent
    Le soleil brillera toujours.

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    Yeah, Calvin and Hobbes holds up extremely well, better than Nostradamus in most cases.

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    China’s the model, huh. Stunning.

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    First I laughed, then I cried – I am subsidizing part of equation.

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    Ask CHINA how much embezellment they have…that’s cause they EXECUTE for it.

    Please examine the available data, they have LOTS of corruption in China. Endemic, top to bottom. I have more than a few friends who do business there.

    As long as everything works out, everyone winks and nods.

    There is one appreciable difference though – when the Chinese equivalent of Bernie Madoff has the house of cards collapse, he’s where he belongs…

    In front of a firing squad. In under a month.

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    “I need to be subsidized.”

    Yup, more foretelling than Nostradamus. Or Carnac, for that matter…

    I just heard a radio debate between Patrick Buchanan and some free-market guy, Jonathan something-or-other. Buchanan kept going on about how all of the presidents on Mount Rushmore and even how Reagan were protectionists. He used Reagan’s motorcycle tarifs as an example that supposedly “saved” Harley Davidson.

    Tell me, if this were the 80’s, would we have a Harley Deathwatch? Or should we have one now? I hear they break down often and cost a lot to fix. And there are other competitive (maybe moreso?) manufacturers out there…

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    Oooooh, the accuracy of that irony.

    Good job Robert.

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    Ah, the wonderful Calvin and Hobbes; we mourn the loss. This panel could have been pulled from today’s newspaper.

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    Calvin and Hobbes, right on.

    “Ask CHINA how much embezellment they have…that’s cause they EXECUTE for it.” …not so much. Embezzlement is a government monopoly there. The execution is for horning in.

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    Justin Berkowitz


    Harley Davidson is a popular example among people that believe short term protective tariffs can be successful. As one of my university professors told me, it’s also one of the only examples of a short term protective tariffs being successful.

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    I miss Calvin and Hobbes too. Great comic strip. There are none that can really match it now.

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    Too funny Flash. Next time you get the lib talking points, make sure you realize that the neoconservatives are a group of people with a belief in interventionist foreign policy. They have nothing to do with CEO pay.

    You just did the equivalent of blaming the papists for high corn prices. Thanks for the laugh, and get back on the porch until you finish your homework.

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