By on December 31, 2008

It won’t be long now: a parody ad of Chrysler’s thank you for your “investment” ad, to join the bailout parody ad and the anti-anti-bailout (i.e. Toyota) viral email. Meanwhile, Chrysler’s still catching heat for spending big bucks on the post-bailout ads in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, online (even TTAC!) and other media. TTAC flagged the obvious waste ogf taxpayer money and condescension on the 23rd, but the MSM have just caught on. Autoblog reports today on Fox News’ Monday report slamming the automaker for the campaign. Their boy Newt’s minion does the dirty. “‘It’s quite ridiculous to be spending that kind of money,’ said Princella Smith, national spokeswoman for American Solutions, an organization headed by former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich. ‘Those ads are just a precise example of the fact that they do not get it … and it’s just in our faces.'” So, now how much did they pay? “A full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal runs between $206,000 and $264,000, and a full-page ad in USA Today runs between $112,000 and $217,000.” Wow. Still, $4b buys you a lot of ad space, if not a single class-leading automobile. Oh, and why haven’t MSM picked-up on the fact that the ad’s picture is a fake?

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12 Comments on “Bailout Watch 310: Chrysler’s Thank You-gate Grows...”

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    Nice investment, Uncle Sam! I can almost smell those profits! Hey, wait! Those aren’t profits I’m smelling!

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    I hate those ads.
    But is this the same Newt that put C130s in the defense budget, that the military did not want, in order to create jobs in Georgia? Or is it the Newt that threw a fit and quit in the middle of his term? I won’t mention the worse part.

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    Do you expect the media to criticize someone for spending money on advertising? I don’t think you’ll see this story in any of the media where the ads were placed.

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    My father has refused to buy Chrysler ever since their 1st bailout almost 30 years ago. He was never a fan of Lee Iacocca and thinks they should’ve failed then. I’ve been told tales of how their cars going back to the 1950’s were never on the same level of GM or Ford. Granted, that’s one mans opinion, but throughout my driving life I can hardly disagree. GM and Ford might not “get it” but there certinaly is a wide difference between most of their products and what Chrysler/Dodge is offering.

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    Actually, I agree with them advertising, maybe not the sucky “Thank You”. Maybe they need help with the message rather than the activity….

    I felt the same way with the Jet-Gate thing; you either believe in the food-chains of business or you don’t. If you complain that private aircraft are being USED then pretty soon Lear will be asking for a bailout.

    Giving them money to send back out into the economy is the idea isn’t it? If they don’t spend it on normal activities then USA Today needs a bailout, or maybe even TTAC needs a bailout.

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    Nardelli needs to go. Now. And congress should be demanding as much.

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    Hey, I owned an ’85 Lebaron GTS just like the one in the ad. What a great car that was, all the way up to 206,528 miles.

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    If they’d have sent printed letters, you’d be calling it an environmentally-irresponsible mass-spamming. After-all, no one wants mail from crap ole Chrysler and, trees especially, find it insulting.

    If they’d have taken out radio advertising, you’d be arguing that no one listens to radio, and that it’s just a waste of your(what happened to my money paying for things I want? It’s my money too.) precious tax dollars. You know– because bloggers pay $4Bn in taxes per year whenever they’re paid $50 per entry.

    If they’d have bought TV advertising, it would be open hostility on the American public’s most-precious sense, as well as their ever-so-dear pocketbooks. On a scale never-before-seen! As if their products aren’t assaulting enough! We have to look at this too?!?!?!

    Cerberus is a very large business, and no one has questioned whether or not they’ve close contacts in print media. Were they close enough to the industry to have pulled strings to have had these thank-you notes published gratis?

    In graphic design(as opposed to your familiar stolen Google-image-laden-web-design,) images like the one of the crowd are called stock images. Stock images are generic images that one purchases rights to before they’re used. Royalty-free, legally-reproduced images. Chrysler can not Google images and publish them like you do. They are playing in a different arena. They must follow rules– not break them– and in the next breath chastise others for doing the same.

    When someone is as kind to you as the American people have been to Chrysler– it is only polite to thank them. If they’d have forgotten to thank us, what would we be talking about now? Yep– mannerless Chrysler gobbling up all your tax dollars without not so much a thank you.

    If I didn’t know better– I’d think youall were mannerless heathens with no knowledge of publishing. You guys can’t have it both ways. Either it’s right to say thank you, or it’s not.

    Chrysler did the right thing.

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    Dangerous Dave

    Chrysler never does the right thing.

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    “If I didn’t know better– I’d think youall were mannerless heathens with no knowledge of publishing. You guys can’t have it both ways. Either it’s right to say thank you, or it’s not.

    Chrysler did the right thing.”

    Uhhh, no. If they had thanked W. specifically then at the very least they would have been accurate in who they should have been thanking.
    When 70% of the country was against the bailout, was the ad thanking the other 30%?

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    They didn’t do the right thing. I feel like I’ve been mugged, and then have to be insulted by the mugger “thanking” me for opportunity.

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    Did Citigroup or AIG thank anyone?

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