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Audi has released photos and details of the convertible versions of its A5 and S5 coupes, and they’re classy little ragtops in the proud Audi tradition. North American pricing and availability are not yet available, but with Euro-only 1.8 TFSI versions starting at $47,300, they won’t be cheap. The S5 version will rock Audi’s new supercharged TFSI 3.0 V6, good for 333hp, 324 lb/ft of torque and a 5.6 second hustle to 60 mph.

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14 Comments on “Audi Announces A5 And S5 Convertibles...”

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    According to Edmunds, the 2010 S5 Cab will continue with the V8, with the 3.0TFSI arriving for 2011. It does get the S4’s QuattroSport rear diff though, which presumably the coupe also gets for 2010.

    Note to Lexus: this is the proper way to design a convertible. Stunning.

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    I’m not a huge ‘vert fan to begin with (driving one is fun but I’d never buy one), but the roofline was part of the A/S5’s sexy, sculpted looks. Chopped off, it’s not nearly the looker.

    I know what it is: on the coupe, the roofline helped the curvaceous rump look bootylicious… without it, its ass just looks fat.

    Although in its defense, it buries the roof more attractively than the 3-series – it is a clean design… but it is also only a soft-top which makes that easier.

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    Steve Green


    That’s the look Chrysler tried for with the ’01-’07 Sebring convertible, but never quite nailed.

    Audi got it completely right. “Stunning” is the word indeed.

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    I concur. It looks classic. 21st century answer to FIAT 124 spider.

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    I know the VW group have shown how to badge engineer the right way etc. But, am I reading this right that we have an A4 sedan and cabriolet, an A5 which is essentially the coupe version of the A4, and now an A5 cabriolet?

    So, other than some styling tweaks, the difference between an A4 Cabriolet and an A5 Cabriolet is what?

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    @Redshift: The A4 Cabriolet (B7 chassis) will be replaced by this A5 Cabriolet (B8 chassis – shared with A5 coupe and 2009+ A4 sedan). Audi appears to be using the “5” moniker for coupes (including convertibles). Mechanically they are similar to the [new] A4.

    Similarly, the upcoming A7 “4-door coupe” I think will be mechanically similar to the [new] A6.

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    I just found my new car….

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    jgholt: Thanks! So, am I to assume the A4 Cabriolet dies with the shift to the new platform? If so, that makes perfect sense. Actually makes more sense than continuing with an A4 Cabrio. I just missed that detail. I’m not much of an Audi-watcher.

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    Nice. Looks like an Audi TT for those who need more space (i.e. most people over 25).

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    Another advantage of the soft top, 11.3cu.ft of trunk space with the top down, and some 26cu.ft with the rear seats folded. Try that in your 3 convertible.

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    Nice! I like the A5/S5 already, it’s a very nice design that looks so much better in person than photos also.

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    4 seat convertibles deriving from hard-topped vehicles are for housewives and people with heart problems.

    Not to mention the 3.0L Supercharged V6 is a serious downgrade from the 4.2L V8.

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    Now that they’ve brought the EA888 2.0 TFSI to the Cabriolet, let’s see it in the coupe! Sexy coupe + fuel-efficient and torquey engine + quattro = happy little Canadian.

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    Very nice looking convertible. But just how heavy is this thing going to be if 333hp and 324 torque only produces a 5.8 second 0-60 time?

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