Why Are There No 2009 Models on the Saab and GMC Websites?

why are there no 2009 models on the saab and gmc websites
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  • Kevin Kevin on Nov 03, 2008

    Why would they show 2009 models? It's still only 2008. (just kidding...)

  • Raast Raast on Nov 03, 2008

    Quoted from the GM Canada site... "Sierra Model Overview Whatever you're looking for in a full-size pickup, you'll find it in a 2009 Sierra."

  • 26theone 26theone on Nov 03, 2008

    Saab has a website?

  • 1600 MKII 1600 MKII on Nov 03, 2008

    I think it's obvious. GM has spent their absolute last money on those obscenely annoying 8 page ripouts they're putting in all the car mags. Thank God I'm no longer a shareholder!!