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Porsche 996 GT3 RS vs, Nissan GT-R on Nordschleife

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14 Comments on “Porsche 996 GT3 RS vs, Nissan GT-R on Nordschleife...”

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    Well, it’s obviously a bit hard to set a hot lap with that much traffic, but at no point was the Nissan in any danger of being passed. How would a GT2 compare? The only lap times on Wikipedia have the GT2 at 11 seconds faster, but over a shorter distance and running semi-slick tires. I suspect the GT3 RS is the faster car, but I can’t say for sure without seeing directly comparable numbers.

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    What a great video!

    Porsche 996 GT3:
    3.6L 380HP


    Nissan GT-R’s:
    3.8L 480HP.

    It’s a great video because dispite the power difference you can clearly notice the strengths of each car. The GTR had the advantage in power but it could never shake the 996. The GTR would pull away on the straights but it would lose almost all the ground it had won during breaking and entering corners.

    The GTR was not only fast on the straights but it seemed to be faster than the 996 exiting the corners, probably due to that amazing AWD system allowing the GTR to put all that power to the ground while coming out of the corner.

    All and all a great video. Imagine if they could get the GTR down to 3000 LBS from 3800LBS. What an amazing track car it would be then!

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    We have no idea if the driver’s are of equal talent.

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    The GT-R driver seemed to be pushing it pretty hard. You could see the tail step out a few times on corner exits.

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    Usta Bee

    The Porsche driver was just taking it easy during most of the video. He wasn’t even hard on the gas most of the time, and was coasting through the corners. I didn’t see a single instance where he got the car even mildly sideways.

    The best part of the video was the overtaking speeds between the Nissan and Porsche and the other cars on the track. You’d better hope the other guys are watching their mirrors when you’re passing them at those speeds.

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    I just thought i would say that the GT-R V spec is due next year.

    According to to the latest information here in Japan, it will weigh 70 kilos less and get an extra 30 horse power.

    Though, if one can believe what you read in the magazines over here, the Honda NSX, which is apparently due in the fall of 2010, will get 5.5l V10 engine with 600HP!

    That sounds very interesting….

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    I think they pass an old Ford Escort along the way.
    Usta Bee- they pass 2 Subaru WRXs along the way. Those people probably thought their cars were fast.
    I’d like to see a video out of an open top or open wheel race car on this track.

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    Not shown is the GTR’s transmission exploding on the next lap when the driver engages launch control.

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    You’d better hope the other guys are watching their mirrors when you’re passing them at those speeds.

    Hey – this is isn’t the Interstate they’re driving on!

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    I question the skill of the GT-R driver. Hoofing it down the straights and particularly on corner exits, the GT-R leaves the Porsche for dead. With over 500 HP at the crank and AWD, that’s no surprise.

    Corner entry is another story. I suppose it’s possible the limits of the GT-R are that low, but from my view, it just looks like the driver is fighting the car. From what I gather, you really have to trust the AWD system; the GT-R is loose by design, and if you try to keep it in hand like a conventional car, it’ll just slow you down.

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    By the time V-Spec comes I expect the 911 Turbo and other high end variants to get direct injection engines with a nice power boost and PDK to match lower models. Remember the GT-R’s main advantage is it’s dual clutch transmission.

    By the way here’s the latest take on the V-Spec

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    …another warranty voided

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    Pretty sloppy driving on the part of the GTR, they obviously weren’t out to set any records. The front wheel hop you hear on the Porsche under braking is the reason 911s are never going to win this battle. I’d like to see Nissan pull a “Porsche” and have their own GTR driver set a faster time in a 911 than Porsche themselves have, just to shut them up.

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    John R

    Did anyone else feel like pressing the “X” button on the PS2 controller for the course map?

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