Nissan to Cut Production

nissan to cut production

The imploding global auto market continues to, uh, implode. The Wall Street Journal reports that Nissan is scaling back worldwide production. Nissan Japan pulled 65k vehicles from its November through March schedule, and sliced 780 “temporary workers” from the payroll. (Little known fact: Japanese companies practice “full employment” by routinely classifying a large percentage of the workforce as temps.) Nissan’s September sales were downaround the globe, off 37 percent in North America, 27 percent in the UK, 23 percent in Spain and 5.5 perfcent in greater Europe. Nissan announced a two-week shutdown of its English Patient, er factory, and lopped 1,680 jobs off its workforce for Barcelona. Not a speck of good news anywhere. Ouch.

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  • Verbal Verbal on Oct 22, 2008

    So riddle me this. Nissan advertises the Altima as getting 32 mpg, which is the highway rating for the 4 cylinder combined with the 6 speed stick. But when I scan through the Nissan dealer inventories in my greater metro area (about a dozen dealers), not one of them has a 4 cyl./stick Altima in stock.

  • Jwltch Jwltch on Oct 22, 2008

    Verbal - reminds me of the Saturn Aura commercial. It touts the gas mileage (4 cyl. models in fine print), but then the finance or cash-back offer is only on the 6 cyl. auto.