By on October 5, 2008

Be still my beating heart. Autoblog’s Sam Abuelsamid is about to live blog (nearasdammit) Audi’s Mileage Marathon. Yes, he’ll be in one of 23 diesel-powered Audis that will “roll out from Manhattan’s Tavern on the Green on a trans-continental trek to demonstrate diesel efficiency.” While I respect anyone with the patience and anal retentivity needed to hypermile for at least three days– in the same sense that I respect anyone who can conjugate Latin verbs– I predict this won’t go well. And I don’t mean “won’t go well” as in something exciting will happen. More like how can a hypermiler do his or her stuff with 22 other vehicles surrounding them? Not to mention the quandry of achieving high mileage when your 23-strong fleet must accomodate over 200 journalists. And what of Justin’s suspicion that the TDIs don’t really count, as they’re Euro-spec ringers? Anyway, who cares? As we’ve reported here ad infinitum, the diesel engine thing is on the wane in Europe, and hamstrung stateside by fuel prices and an oil burning engine price premium. The most important question here: will Audi be flying Sam and his mpg-seeking cohorts back to the East Coast in coach, business or first? And how much fuel will that burn?

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15 Comments on “Autoblog’s Most Boring Post, Ever?...”

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    Robert Schwartz

    Didn’t Mobil Gasoline (Socony Mobile Corp) have a mileage contest back in the old days?

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    One. CanadianDriver’s Fifty Litre Challenge is the right way to do this sort of thing. Do it, post the notes after.

    Two. Autoblog, especially Mr. Abuelsamid, will do anything to shill diesel.

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    I’m so starting a pool.

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    The only thing more boring than a boring autoblog post? A boring TTAC post about a boring autoblog post.

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    Is anybody else sick of the “achy feet” ads all over Autoblog?

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    What joe said.

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    Dr Lemming

    Most boring Autoblog post? Are you kidding? What about auto-branded watches, lounge chairs and vibrators? My all-time favorite — the Buick “back massager.”

    Hey, how about if you occasionally ran spoof Autoblog postings of shameless promos for auto-branded trinkets and snake oil.

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    Ditto what Joe & Baaron said.

    Chase the dream, not the competition.


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    I agree with joe/baaron/chuck. How exactly is this a post about “The Truth About Cars”? Where’s the cars, where’s the truth? Personally, I’d like to see how the diesels do. If they’d add the right one to the US A4 Avant, the wife would be driving one soon. As it stands now, she just might get an A3 5 door when she’s due. Since I deferred to her on her current vehicle and she chose a T&C, I’m going to narrow her choices for her next time. Also, anyone who disses diesel, hasn’t driven a good one. Go test drive a Duramax or Cummins and then drive the same in a gas version. You won’t knock (pun intended) diesel again.

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    More like how can a hypermiler do his or her stuff with 22 other vehicles surrounding them?

    Hypermiling is bad enough, but a rolling roadblock of them? I don’t see this improving Audi’s image to the general public (that encounters this on the roadway).

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    As we’ve reported here ad infinitum, the diesel engine thing is on the wane in Europe

    Um Mr. Farago, Diesel sales have now surpassed the 50% mark in Europe. How on earth does this qualify as being on the wane?

    hamstrung stateside by fuel prices
    Check out recent articles in Consumer Reports, an episode of Motor Week, and a recent radio episode of Car Talk and you will find the same thing – the price may be slightly higher but the mpg savings is still greater than the price difference making diesel a fantastic alternative to regular petrol.

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    I find myself agreeing with Joe, Baron, Chuck, and Other Joe, if only because I feel a need to keep the trend going.

    No, seriously, right now I’m on the fence between believing you should be able to post whatever the hell you want, not just because it’s your website but because you’ve been part of the force to make TTAC my first stop on the computer, and marvelling at how often other blogs come up.

    Then again, as the watchdog of the car-internet community, I suppose you’re sort of obligated to keep an eye on your fellows. Especially when they do something as monumentally stupid as this. I mean – wow. Hypermiling CAN be interesting – if it’s 3AM and you’re deep in rural Alabama on your last half-gallon of gas. A three-day marathon? Not really the sort of thing that justifies a play-by-play account.

    I would think the last twenty years would have demonstrated that Americans feel the same way about diesel as they do about soccer: lukewarm, at best.

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    23 Audis driving across the US means one thing: The probability that there is at least one breakdown is damn near 1.

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    Robert Schwartz: “Didn’t Mobil Gasoline (Socony Mobile Corp) have a mileage contest back in the old days?”

    Our historian friend menno must be busy, so I’ll answer this one. Yep, Mobil held the Mobil Economy Run from 1936 to 1968 except the war years. In the 50’s the event was a big deal. Ramblers and Studebakers were among the er, champions.

    By today’s standards the cars of that era got awful mileage (the top car in ’59, a Rambler American, got only 25 mpg). And this was with all sorts of tricks, like keeping all windows closed and not playing the radio. But at least the cars were unmodified, unlike today’s NASCAR space-alien “stock cars”.

    Trivia: Socony (for Standard Oil Company of New York, one of the pieces of Standard Oil upon the breakup) later became Socony-Vacuum, then Socony Mobil.

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    It’s pretty cool actually. I’d rather see this than the usual reveals of dumb concept cars or “Brand X car goes to the ‘ring” posts
    Needs video though

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