Warren Brown: Chevrolet Aveo5 2LT is "Mediocrity Done Well"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
warren brown chevrolet aveo5 2lt is mediocrity done well

Hear that tearing sound? It’s Washington Post car critic Warren Brown’s last shred of credibility being ripped to pieces– by his own hand, no less. If there was a single pistonhead laboring under the [false] impression that Brown was anything other than a Detroit apologist, this review of the craptastic Chevy Aveo will tempt that person to cross over to the TTAC (i.e. dark) side. To wit: “Mediocrity done well honors the middle. The front-wheel-drive Aveo is done well.” Only the front cupholder sucks. So, in sum, “It no longer feels like a neglected child. But it doesn’t feel special. It’s okay, adequate. Therein rests the difference between going to market with a car that will enhance profits and one that will erode them. Consumers are willing to pay only so much for “adequate.” If asked to pay more, they’ll balk — or cross the retail industry’s River of Denial to buy something they deem worthy of a higher price.” Huh? What Warren’s trying to say: the Honda Fit murders Chevy’s Korean-built American revolutionary, but the Aveo’s cheaper. “And that, ironically, makes the Aveo a darned good deal. It’s a good car: reliable, serviceable and fuel-efficient. It’s not special. But it’s priced right.” Question: why is Warren comparing the Aveo5 to the Fit? [thanks to inept123 for the heads-up]

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  • AuricTech AuricTech on Sep 14, 2008

    What grinds my gears is that Warren Brown executes a classic "bait-and-switch" in discussing Aveo5 pricing. Using TrueDelta's pricing information, I see that the base price (excluding a destination charge of $660) of the Aveo5 LS 4-door hatch with 5-speed manual transmission (all following prices and comparisons are for vehicles with manual trannys) is indeed under $12,000 ($11,460). I hope the buyer considers air conditioning to be useless frippery.... Meanwhile, the vehicle Mr. Brown reviewed is the Aveo5 2LT. Looking at TrueDelta's pricing (which takes into account the "Employee Pricing for Everyone" promo), we see that the 2LT package is an add-on to the Aveo5 LT model. It turns out that the Aveo5 LT's base price is $13,595 before destination charge, and the 2LT Equipment Group adds another $1,265 to the bill. This brings us to a grand total of $14,860 (again, plus that $660 destination charge). The $15,000 price point provides us quite a few vehicles from which to choose (including the 2009 Suzuki SX4 [s]hatchback[/s] Crossover with navigation system and AWD, at a base price of no more than $15,829).

  • Andy D Andy D on Sep 14, 2008

    Re entry level Chebbies. wabboutthe ChevyII, AKA Nova?

  • Nichjs Nichjs on Sep 15, 2008

    Being in the UK, I didn't realise that the US Aveo is the same as the UK Kalos. My gf had the misfortune to drive the Chevy Kalos as a rental for a day. I went in it as a passenger, and it was perhaps the most sh!t itchingly horrible 5 minute journey of my life. What a penurious little plasticfantastic POS. The gf, not a car person per se, didn't recognise the Chevrolet name at all, nevermind the "Kalos" badge.

  • Tigeraid Tigeraid on Sep 15, 2008

    what rtz said sums it up for me... The Geo always sucked for quality, but at 50 mpg no one really cared--and now Geos are demanding a premium on the used car market (I'd LOVE one personally.) Goes to show how far we haven't come... Cars have gotten heavier and heavier yet the engine technology hasn't caught up well enough to give us that kind of economy. In fact I think that'd be the main reason for ANY of the new economy cars not selling as well as they could--why bother spend $15k on a new car that gets 34 mpg highway when you can buy a 15 year old economy car for $3000 that gets 45-50 mpg? Mk2 Jetta, Mk2 Diesel Golf, or Geo Metro, here I come!