Volt Birth Watch 84: Ta-Da!

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
volt birth watch 84 ta da
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  • Usta Bee Usta Bee on Sep 08, 2008

    Interesting, the "grille" is just for decorative purposes and to carry on the Chevy front end design theme, and the real air intake is under the front like the Corvette. What nobody has mentioned so far is that they've gone with hideaway windshield wipers for better aerodynamics, unlike the Prius and Honda's new Prius clone.

  • Shaker Shaker on Sep 09, 2008

    For some reason, I'm finding myself totally "gay" for the new Volt, in a way I've never felt before... What I need to see is one in a dealer showroom, plugged into 120 "Volt" outlet... with a price tag on it. Save the suits for an upcoming GQ article: "Woolen Suits and Golden Parachutes; will they ever go out of style?"

  • Kazoomaloo Kazoomaloo on Sep 09, 2008

    bumpy, Usta Bee: I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the grille is not meant to allow air to flow into the engine bay and is solid for aerodynamic reasons. They had to engineer some kind of different solution to get air to the ICE and flowing over the engine. Idunno what they did or how, but I think that is the production grille you're seeing; I think it's pretty sharp, personally.

  • Nichjs Nichjs on Sep 09, 2008

    Wow, Looks like I missed the news that the Volt has moved from being a roadster ala BirthWatch71 to a four door prius pretender!!! I thought GM's idea was that there was more margin in the sports car market to re-'coupe' the investment, rather than a bigger heavier mainstream vehicle that's actually *useful*, but technically more difficult, esp for the lower msrp...