Tesla Death Watch 21: TTAC Posts Megan Fox Tesla Roadster Blog Before Autoblog

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
tesla death watch 21 ttac posts megan fox tesla roadster blog before autoblog

Honest-to-God, I couldn’t care less what Megan Fox drives. All I know is that she’s an actress playing a car savvy babe, not a car savvy babe. To wit: “We still drive an SUV but we’re gonna get rid of it,” Ms. Fox told green gossip site Ecorazzi. “Tesla’s coming with some of these little electric cars that I want to get as soon as they’re out.” Cute? Little? Ecorazzi? Doesn’t that sound like an unforunate combination of “eco” and “Nazi?” Hey! Did you know they’re going to make another Transformers movie? I know. Why bother right? ‘Cause Megan needs money to buy that cute little what’s it called again? Taster? Taser? Who knows? Anyway, your money’s no good at Tesla, Megan. And therein lies the tale.

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