New Honda City Sedan Actually Pretty Cool

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
new honda city sedan actually pretty cool

While Americans apparently go ga-ga for Honda’s Fit hatchback, other parts of the world get a Fit-based (or related) Honda City. While the City doesn’t share body panels with the Fit, they ride on the same light and compact platform. With the same 120 horsepower 1.5 liter 4-banger available in many markets, the City would be pretty zippy too. Frankly I think the City looks much better than the Fit – even if you have to give up beloved hatchback utility. I might go so far as to say it’s the best looking currently produced Honda sedan. The interior is a step up, as well. Honda would have zero problem selling these by the bushel in the U.S., but then they can’t even keep up with demand for the Fit right now. And a City sedan might just cannibalize Civic sales even more than the Fit already is (though the Civic is keeping up by cannibalizing Accord sales, it’s all good, as they say). Click on over to Carscoop for a full gallery.

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  • Dimwit Dimwit on Sep 19, 2008

    The big problem that Honda has is lack of production space in NA. If they build it here they would have to scale back an already great seller. Importing such a basic car wouldn't be prudent at that price point and Honda is prudent over everything else.

  • Nemphre Nemphre on Sep 20, 2008

    I'm with Justin. Normally I would prefer a hatchback over a sedan any day, but I would buy this over a Fit simply for the styling and the interior. This is the only time I've wished for a sedan version of something to be offered in the US.

  • Jeff S Unless muscle cars and pony like cars come back in popularity they will continue to disappear. Seems like some commenters are still not aware that pickups, suvs, and crossovers are what is selling. Manufacturers are going to make what sells regardless of who is the President. It is strictly business.
  • Tassos The best way to charge is while your car is parked at work, if your employer lets you charge it for free (some do).After that, it's charging at home.Using chargers on a long trip is not only much more expensive than charging at home, and not only does it take 30 minutes or more vs the 5 mins tops to fill a gas tank, but many times with popular trips (eg LA- las Vegas very popular with others, not with me, I despise Las Vegas and the morons who consider it fun to give their hard earned $ to the casino owners), you should expect far more than the 30 min, as you may need to queue up, possibly for hours, until a damned charger becomes free.
  • ToolGuy What a concept.
  • Syke 95% of the time at home, Level 2. Occasionally hit free chargers, usually seems to be ChargePoint. Maybe 1-2% of the time, I'll hit an Electrify America.
  • 28-Cars-Later I would think this is a good thing. Assuming typical Chrysler resale hits the Hornet, its pretty close to an Alfa for less.