GM Defends Pontiac G3 (Nee Chevrolet Aveo) Hack-Job

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
gm defends pontiac g3 nee chevrolet aveo hack job

Oh GM Fastlane blog, how you wow us with your weak-wristed defenses of GM’s endless parade of missteps. The latest round of apologia (appallogia?) is a shameless response to widespread autoblogosphere criticism of the decision to bring the Aveo-cannibalizing Pontiac G3 stateside. And it’s good to the last drop of brand-destroying denial, utilizing GM’s now-trademark “myth-and-debunking” format. Jim Hopson of Pontiac communications asks himself if the G3 isn’t “just a re-badged Chevy Aveo.” His answer? Toyota brand-engineers Lexus, so it must be fine. Looks like someone needs to catch-up on the differences between platform-sharing and brand-engineering. Speaking of Toyota, will the G3 steal sales from the Vibe? Hopson argues that the comparison is like saying the Corvette and Yugo overlap because they both have four wheels. Nice. How can the G3 be a Pontiac? “Because it’s sporty and fun-to-drive when compared to many of the cars in its segment.” Besides, it has the lowest price and highest efficiency of any other Pontiac, an achievement on par with being the “best microbrew in Utah.” Even the usually-credulous FastLane commenters aren’t having any of it, chiming-in with opinions that follow the basic sentiment “I can not believe how stupid this is.” Neither can we.

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  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Sep 19, 2008
    I guess you cant imagine what its like to shop for a car that will provide basic car needs at a reasonable price.. the buyers are not looking for a Honda,Toyota,Kia,or whatever. Why not? If you want cheap car payments, you're talking leasing. Have you seen GM's lease rates recently? With leasing no longer an option, your options for low, low payments work out about the same for any small car, and with the Aveo you are going to get killed on residual value. Unless you're hell-bent financing and banking the interest, there's no reason to buy this car. They are looking for a cheap car payment on a car they bought from a dealer that has been in business for more than a couple years.. The Honda dealer I bought my Fit from has been in business since Honda started selling Civics in Canada, or about thirty years. Most Toyota dealers are about the same age. Heck, most dealers, excepting the boutiques, automalls and newly-arrived Mitsubishi and Mini franchises, are at least ten to fifteen years old, even Saturn and Kia. You REALLY don’t get it,do you? No, I think you're reaching for an excuse for this car, and there isn't one, unless you buy used and let some other sucker eat the depreciation. I like the Aveo, and when it only had to worry about the Echo, Rio and Accent it was viable. Against the Yaris, Fit and Versa? No chance.

  • Morbo Morbo on Sep 20, 2008
    I guess you cant imagine what its like to shop for a car that will provide basic car needs at a reasonable price.. the buyers are not looking for a Honda,Toyota,Kia,or whatever. Of course I can. I've been there. It's callled buying a used car. A used Camry/Galant/Altima/Sonata can be had cheaper than a new Aveo, with better build quality, significantly more space, and fairly close mileage in 4-Cylinder models. Hell, a used Grand Am/G6 gives you identical build quality, similar mileage, and an even cheaper price. The only reason to buy this thing is because you're too emotional buy a used car (wrto being unable to stomach the concept buying used).

  • INeon INeon on Sep 20, 2008

    Anyone even entertain the idea that this (old) design is being introduced to maybe give Pontiac a fighting chance when the next, better, model comes out? Sell a few G3s now, release a better, updated model soonafter-- make it appear to the uninformed masses that you're really throwing your best game by updating your newest model first.

  • UnclePete UnclePete on Sep 21, 2008

    GM never learns - they did the same thing with the T body Chevy [s]Shitbox[/s] Chevette in the '70 - Pontiac had the T1000 and there were versions for all the overseas companies IIRC. At least the Chevette had the virtues of rear wheel drive, simple to repair engine, and even a diesel version. Was it a good car? Not by my standards, but it was good enough for the time; my dad and my sister both owned them. My dad had a '79 one with black interior and no A/C, which meant the windows were in a permanent state of roll-down after he moved to Florida. That car did last for 14 years and 180,000 miles until it rotted away. I'm not sure the Aveo has it in it to do the same.