How Much is Obama's Former SUV Worth?

Richard Chen
by Richard Chen
how much is obama s former suv worth

Following his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Illinois Senate candidate Barack Obama became the celebrity he still claims he isn't. Mobbed wherever he went, Obama's staff urged him to give up driving and jogging for security reasons. Soon afterwards, sold his beloved 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and got used to being driven around. Black on black leather with 87,000 miles, the Jeep was purchased by Liz Murphy of Naperville, IL. She was given the original title and told that it might be worth something someday. Obama's office declined to return her calls asking for his autograph on the dashboard, but she's hoping to cash in on the former Obamamobile after the November presidential election via eBay. Although its value isn't sinking as we speak, appraisers haven't given much extra value to this ex-celebrity Jeep as he didn't own it while in high office. It might be worth lots someday, 3 to 4 decades from, assuming that Obama wins the presidency and does a good job. In the meantime, Ms. Murphy's SUV has a worn-down spot on the steering wheel just left of 12 o'clock to remind her of the previous owner's tenacious grip.

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  • Mirko Reinhardt Mirko Reinhardt on Aug 29, 2008

    I'm trying to dig up a list like that for German politicians. I read in an interview that Chancellor Angela Merkel has a Golf. Schröder had a Touran Stoiber has a 3-series

  • Phu Phu on Aug 29, 2008

    Damn, I knew he had my vote for a reason, at first I thought it was because of his stance on environmental policies but after this I knew we share a common love for the environment but then drive 15mpg Grand Cherokees. Good choice on whips Barack.

  • PWarren4 PWarren4 on Aug 29, 2008

    Jeep Grand Cherokee = "sprung from the depths of hell". Indeed. See: "Chrysler Suicide Watch" series of posts, this site.

  • on Jan 07, 2009

    [...] Obama’s Former SUV [...]