GM Employee Pricing: You Pay LESS Than What They Pay

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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gm employee pricing you pay less than what they pay

Get this. Under GM's Employee Pricing for Everyone sale, a buyer can cash-in any GM Card towards a new purchase/lease. That is, unless you're are a GM employee/retiree. No really; they're excluded from the program. In fact, if GM discovers any such transaction later, the dealer is faces a "chargeback" for the card dollars and all other applicable incentives. An MI dealer tells us that "even if you deliver the car without a code and just use GMS pricing that anyone gets, you lose." Meanwhile, The Detroit News reports that GM is going after employees who transferred their employee discounts to non-employees. Before the Employee Pricing for Everyone sale, of course. "The automaker… simultaneously filed three lawsuits alleging fraud as the company cracks down on employees, retirees and widows giving discounts to nonrelatives, according to court documents. Along with other recent lawsuits, the automaker is suing for more than $450,000 plus costs and attorney fees." Or more. "It was unclear Friday how many cases have been filed nationwide and a GM spokesman did not know how often the automaker files such cases. GM's lawyer, Michael Clawson, could not be reached… The timing of the lawsuits, three of which were filed on or after Aug. 20, the day GM extended the employee discount to everyone, is coincidental, company spokesman Tom Wilkinson said." And really lousy, I might add.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • ZCline ZCline on Aug 31, 2008

    This is slightly off topic, so feel free to delete this Robert, but this sort of made my head spin. I decided to price out a new Corvette, mostly just because I think its fun to dream, but I wanted to see if they'd present any discounts to me. I went to, clicked on cars, and then a handy selector box asked me what type of car I wanted. I clicked on 'Sport/Convertible', wondering what else would be there beyond the Corvette, and the first vehicle? '08 Grand Prix. Wow.

  • ZCline ZCline on Aug 31, 2008

    And if anyone was curious, its about 6-7k off. Pretty good deal to get a base model 'Vette for 40k.

  • Jerry weber Jerry weber on Aug 31, 2008

    Yes, the reference that you could buy any car from GM except the corvette at a discount is no longer true. Corvettes, are laying around the dealers lots just like the regular chevys. It is a long time from when a dealer got one or two corvettes a year and sold them at a premium or at least retail. The corvette is also a victim of this economy, high fuel and insurance costs and a relatively small group of motorheads who collect them. As the new ones are hard to sell, the used ones are softer on the market. I have a corvette crazed friend who ordered a new convertable every year from his chevy dealer. He used to put out $4-5K for the trade. Last year, it was over $9K out money and he cancelled the order. Point is that even the hallowed corvette is not the money tree it was for GM and the dealers.

  • Turbo G Turbo G on Sep 01, 2008

    No but many Chevy dealers would not accept GMS pricing for the regular C6 Vette. One particular dealership in Tucson told me in writing that GM doesn't allow GMS pricing on the Corvette. Needless to say many, many dealers on proved them to be liars.