DetN Phelan: Hummer's Not Dead

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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detn phelan hummer s not dead

Let's start with the end of The Detroit News' HUMMER-related "analysis" and work our way backwards. "So, does Hummer stay or does it go? Right now, your guess is probably as good as GM Chairman Rick Wagoner's." WTF? If the man at the helm of GM, an executive pulling down $14.4m per year (plus) doesn't know whether or not he's killed HUMMER, let's hope his bankruptcy-prof health care bennies include Alzheimer's medication. Meanwhile, columnist Mark Phelan needs to adjust his own meds, or whatever it is that stops him from facing reality (his paycheck?). "With dealers in 37 countries and assembly in South Africa as well as the United States, 'the potential for global growth is a huge opportunity. It's one of Hummer's strengths,' spokeswoman Joanne Krell said. Developing markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe look particularly promising." Once again, GM is spinning the idea that its foreign ops will save North America. Once again, Phelan is happy to broadcast the corporate line (hook and sinker included). Phelan also forwards the idiotic idea that HUMMER could be re-jigged to build green vehicles, and the possibility of an overseas buyer. Let it go Mark. Just let it go.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Qwerty Qwerty on Jun 16, 2008

    You guys are way off on this. There is serious value contained in the Hummer brand. It just needs the right marketting campaign to bring it out. Every day tens of millions of penis enlargement scams are sent by e-mail. Cable TV channels are packed with ads for Extenze and Enzyte along with solutions for ED. Someone is making money on these things. GM should not be left out. I propose a co-branding initiative. You will be able to but the H2 Viagra edition, the H2 Hair Club for Men version, and--for those truly in need and can afford the $10K upcharge--the H2 Enzyte Big Johnson. Bob Dole is probably available as a spokesman. I can see it now. "This is Bob. He was feeling like a small man in a large world; but then he bought a Hummer. Now he's living large. The boys at the health club are impressed, and his wife is satisfied. Hummer: For that special part of a man's anatomy."

  • C. eloi marx C. eloi marx on Jun 16, 2008
    The H2 makes sense because it is based on GM’s full-sized pickup/SUV chassis and it doesn’t cost very much more to produce. The H2 is built on the now nearly obsolete GMT800 platform, it's the only vehicle left on that chassis platform and will not be upgraded to the new GMT900 chassis. At the moment the H2 is a lame duck.
  • CarShark CarShark on Jun 16, 2008

    I agree with those that disagree with Farago. Any benefits the strong brand has is easily outweighed by the grossly negative connotation the genre of vehicle in general and this brand in particular brings to GM. Dump it.

  • Rtz Rtz on Jun 16, 2008

    The Hummer brand was at it's peak in the late 1990's during the dot com boom when it was trendy and stylish to be sporting an H1 or H2. Money flowed and fuel was cheap. Then when that environmental group started setting the Hummers on fire in Cali; the brand never recovered it's image from that incident. A lot of vile and spite was aimed at the brand. It really started to be hated on and was not liked anymore. Selling the brand off to India is the best choice. Times are changing. We don't need that Roman empire, war mongering image of a vehicle. It's barbarian, un-pc, and uncivil. The future is electric and Mitsubishi is coming in with a sneak attack. Nissan and Subaru aren't as far a long, but are much further along then any of the competition. Pump that fuel up to $20 to $30 a gallon and see how well liked that mode of transportation is. The high end brands should offer early adopter, premium electric offerings(Mercedes, BMW, etc). Premium luxury. High class. Only common folk burn fuel. Corporate status symbol. Clean, silent, pollution free personal transportation. Performance and low(none?) maintenance. And right now it can all only be had with a Tesla. How is it they have no competition? Tesla will be a Hudson, Tucker, Nash, or Studebaker at some point in time.