New Euro-Ford CUV Scores Highest for Safety

Martin Schwoerer
by Martin Schwoerer
new euro ford cuv scores highest for safety

Ford's new-in-Europe Kuga compact crossover has achieved the best combination of crash test star ratings, placing the car at the top of the Euro NCAP small SUV group. The Euro-Focus-based Kuga scored the maximum five stars for adult occupant protection, four stars for child occupant protection and three stars for pedestrian protection. (Only a few other SUVs have been deemed relatively pedestrian-friendly. The BMW X3 for instance scored only one star). And no other SUV, large or small, has achieved a total of so many stars in the various categories. How did they do it? Technical gobbledygook alert… The credit goes to Ford's intelligent protection system (IPS) which "combin(es) a body structure optimised for strength and crashworthiness with restraint equipment," and high strength steels "for a very rigid, yet lightweight passenger safety cell." The high pedestrian protection score was achieved through the use of soft bumper material, a special energy absorber between the bumper and the front panel and radiator, breakaway headlights, front wings manufactured from recycled plastic and a carefully shaped hood. Best of all: the Kuga is reported to be a pretty good drive. Review to follow.

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  • Geeber Geeber on May 30, 2008

    When the Escape is completely revamped, it will basically become the American version of the Kuga, if insiders posting on Ford sites are to be believed.

  • Rodster205 Rodster205 on May 30, 2008
    geeber: "American version of the Kuga" That's what scares me, just like the first (and second) gen U.S. Focus was the "American version" of the Euro-Focus. They just can't leave the design alone, it may be the same platform but they will ruin the design in the name of making something that resembles the current Escape. I hope I'm proven wrong. But when will it get here? They just redid the Escape, so will it be another 4 years?

  • Detroit1701 Detroit1701 on May 30, 2008

    rodster205, For some reason, I doubt that the Escape will be "revamped" as the Kuga -- since the cars do not share platforms (C-1 v. CD2). The Kuga should replace entirely the ancient CD2 platform here in the U.S.

  • Cammy Corrigan Cammy Corrigan on May 30, 2008

    Ford Europe are making some damn sharp cars (I love the Focus Cabriolet). I just don't know why they don't pick up the plans and give them to their Mexican plants. It'd be a start. Incidentally, why is Mark Fields being touted as Ford's next CEO, when Lewis Booth of Ford Europe is performing considerably better?