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happy.jpgAs we reported last week, this is not a good time to be making pickups. At all. As we predicted ever since the new Toyota Tundra got into the game, the incentives wars on pickup trucks are getting bloody. Automotive News [sub] brings us the tale of a Folsom Lake Dodge store selling a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab SLT 4×2 for $19,995. That's $12,800 off the $32,795 sticker price. At Swift Dodge, also in Sacramento, desperate dealers are offering $13k discounts on the same model. And still the trucks sit. Or, more precisely, pile-up. Dodge has a 109-day average supply of Rams. (The word on the street is that Chrysler has more Rams to ship and no one willing to take them.) Could it get any worse? You betcha. The pickup market cratered by 21 percent in April; well below the -16.6 percent year-to-date total. And now, the new Ram is set to appear, with the new Ford F-150 hot on its tailgate. To clear the deck, Chrysler will have to reach even deeper into its threadbare pockets for even greater discounts on the old trucks. Will they even sell then? One things for sure: there's precious little milk left in the Dodge Boys' cash cow. Without a plan B in the wings, Chrysler is headed straight for plan C11.

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34 Comments on “New Dodge Ram for $13k Off Sticker. And Then Some....”

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    As the economy has softened and with the arrival of the new Tundra, both GM and Ford have been reducing production to keep it in line with demand. But Chrysler has continued to push out the pick-ups, and at some point you have to pay the piper. We’re gonna see a lot of zero percent financing offers and cash on the hood this summer.

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    Could it be that the people who don’t actually need pickups stopped buying them? Oh my, the terrorists have won.

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    $32,795 for a half-ton 4×2 pickup? Yikes! That’s not a sticker price, that’s a crime!

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    Who would buy a Dodge? Certainly not someone who cares about driving a quality automobile with a positive reputation. Let’s not even get into resale value! Good job Chrysler, you are the Armpit of the automotive world! Even KIA looks down on you.

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    They need to recycle those trucks. Strip `em and shred `em.

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    They should sell them south or north of the borders. Or to middle east countries, where gas is not expensive. For cheap.

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    The real injustice is to the buyers (suckers) who bought a Ram in the past 3 years. The resale value of the trucks just sold before $13 in rebates must have killed any chance they had to trade them in or evey try to sell them. Seems Chrysler is bankrupting their own customers first.

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    Ralph SS

    For my friends in the SF bay area….

    “J. Brown, Spartan Dodge.

    Location? 4590 Stevens Creek Blvd., where we’re right on the corner and right on the price.

    Look at that little Price Slasher hackin’ and hewwin’ away at those prices.”

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    Co-worker just got a Hemi powered truck for 10K off sticker. You can make these guys wear lipstick if you try hard enough

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    But many of them have got a HEMI…. (deep sarcasm)

    Perhaps Chrysler should have taken the money they snagged from we taxpayers in the boondoggle Clinton money-waster called Supercar Initiative, and should have actually put their little turbine hybrid into production (which would have entailed actually getting it to work, first… but I digress).

    No it never would have gotten 80mpg as envisioned and hoped for / supposedly nominal goal (set by imbeciles in Washington, not engineers).

    But I’d have at least given a mid-sized, competent microturbine hybrid a look, especially had the big 3 collaborated with US energy companies to increase the amount of US supplied coal-derived kerosene for use in the so-called supercars.

    40 mpg in the real world with US supplied fuel beats 50 mpg in the real world with 65% foreign supplied fuel, especially since maybe just maybe Generation II microturbines could have stretched to 50 mpg?

    OK I’ll stop dreaming about what Chrysler COULD have done had they a) had a backbone b) had a brain c) had a car guy in charge and d) had some vision beyond just trying to do the same damn stupid thing that Dorf and Generous Motors did.

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    This ought to work out well for Nissan – they’ll be able to pick up the Mexican Ram/upcoming Titan factory for a song after Chrysler falls apart.

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    I think the best Cerberus can hope for is to lure Renault-Nissan, VW, and perhaps a third manufacturer into a bidding war for the bits worth bidding for. VW also needs a full-size pickup, and at NAIAS I stood next to Piece and Winterkorn (sp?) as they gave the 2009 Ram a close look.

    When will said bidding actually take place? Three things could make this happen:

    1. Cerberus makes Chrysler more attractive by trimming costs and getting strong new products in the pipeline. (least likely)

    2. Cerberus gives up on #1, and decides to dump Chrysler.

    3. A company that really wants a piece of Chrysler thinks someone else is about to snap it up.

    For now, other auto makers have no incentive to buy, as Cerberus has neither fixed Chrysler nor has it given up on it. By waiting, the company gets better, the price gets lower, or both.

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    Who would buy a Dodge? Certainly not someone who cares about driving a quality automobile with a positive reputation

    I’ve been in the market for a base, base full-sized half ton with 8 foot bed for about 6 months. I made the decision I would buy from the first manufacturer that reaches sub $11k. The 88 F150 it would be replacing has served its function well, although the multiple brushed-on coats of safety blue and gunmetal grey make it embarrassing to drive into town. And someone coming from down South to buy hay from me last Summer asked sarcastically if I was doing ok financially.

    What my dad paid for the (base, no rear bumper, but a D I G I T A L AM radio) F150 in December, 1987: $11,000 out-the-door. I’m willing to pay $11,000 plus tax. I have to adjust for inflation, after all! Plus I’ll be picking up a D I G I T A L am/fm radio this time, plus a rear bumper, included.

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    George Lucas is selling Dodges now?

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    RayH: You might be in luck, you have some Ford dealers (at least up around Michigan) selling a base F-150 for 12,999, so just wait until they have one of their “push it, pull it, drag it in, we’ll give you $3000 on your trade-in, any condition” sales (as long as they finally yank out that stupid, stupid “not to be combined with any other offer or incentives” small print.

    Actually, I wonder how soon they’ll start giving them away…

    They’ll be able to count the truck as “sold,” take a charitable donation for the full “sale price,” and ding the unlucky new owner with all the taxes and fees that will go to the Government. Whoops, don’t wanna be giving them any ideas.

    Or keep your eyes peeled for more dealership fires than you’ve ever seen in the last 40 years combined…

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    This is just the market working, forcing the seller to adjust the price to match reality.

    Obviously they were smoking dope when they decided that they would/could sell their pickups for $32k. They took a gamble and lost.

    I suspect even if they sold it for $12k they are still making a profit on the individual truck.

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    With the price of commodities (including copper – as in wiring of the truck and platinum – as in the catalysts of the truck), I cannot imagine any profit on the sale of these trucks by Cereberus at anything like $12,000, yankinwaoz

    Just another money pit (Chrysler)

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    For those poor souls who have or are about to lose their homes….they can buy one of these new Quad Cab pick-em-up trucks, put a shell on the back….and live in it!

    Thats right, …ole Jethro, Suzy, and the 7 little stinking rug-rats can live in the monster. Just park it down next to the Flying-J truck stop and nobody will know. They have showers inside which you feed quarters to…so you can maintain your cleanliness. After all, you don’t want to drag dirt into that FINE LEATHER interior. And just think, that expansive hood makes for a nice place to change junior’s diapers. And if you don’t care to walk to the dumpster, why…just toss the dirty diaper in the bed of the truck with all the other trash.

    You can own your own home OUTRIGHT for $20,000. Who says inflation is eating up your purchasing power?!?!?!

    I want mine in bumble-bee yellow…with the black HEMI stripe down the middle…now if THAT isn’t a way to make you look like a clown on wheels, I don’t know what does!!

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    I have spent the last two weeks driving throughout Missouri on business. It seemed like every domestic dealer that I passed was packed full of full size pickups, especially Dodge dealers. This excess inventory is going to take a long time to thin out, can Chrysler survive this?

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    plee: Can Chrysler survive this? No.

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    You can almost hear the giant sucking sound of oxygen being absorbed into all those Rams’ sheetmetal.

    Seen a Dodge truck that’s a couple years old? These babies are rusting as efficiently as the Chevy trucks used to. I think they’re giving each one a factory primer bath made of saltwater.

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    Oh my goodness, 20K$ on a full size pickup after discounts, that is like 13 K euros here! That’s less than a fully loaded Logan, or a Renault Clio. In my last trip to the US, I should have brought back to France more than just blue-jeans and electronics… I could have had a V8!

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    plee : It seemed like every domestic dealer that I passed was packed full of full size pickups

    LOTS of fullsized vehicles available on lots around here too.

    My buddy has a 200K+ Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale if anyone wants it. I told him last January to sell it b/c come spring nobody would be knocking on his door for it.

    Lots of used SUV and big trucks in the big box retailer’s parking lots with FSBO signs in the windows.

    I’d love to have one for occasional use but have nowhere to park it inside. It’d get ugly before I’d wear it out. I need a 60×100 weatherproof barn witha concrete floor, a lift, good lighting, heat, fans, and tools. Make it look like a nice horse stable, back the cars into each side with a 20 ft wide alley down the middle.

    Oh, wait – we were talking about trucks weren’t we?

    Sorry. Distracted here…

    (be able to put all my cars inside and restore…)

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    menno is absolutely right…100%

    Here it is 2008 and wait…IT’S BACK TO THE FUTURE:×768.jpg

    This’ll save em!!

    You can’t PAY a company (which tax payers HAVE DONE)…you can’t PAY them to run a company straight. Oh, HAIL NO!!!

    Now do you see why even most Americans themselves see these companies, and the people who support them, as as ignorant?

    Yes…ignorant. Yet another gas-guzzling swine on wheels is supposed to save this company???

    There are only so many pot-belied, bib-overall-wearing, people who say “over heah” who are willing to buy one of these heaps.

    Oh, well…Dodge Boys Have More Fun!!!

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    I am a person who purchased a new Ram 1500 about eight months ago. I posted on this site at the time I purchased the truck for $16,000.00, it was dealer priced before the rebates and discounts at $26,500.00. I knew what I was getting, a truck built by a company that may not be around in a few years (or possibly less) and the “lifetime” warranty may be only the lifetime of the company. But the truck has been great (so far!), has lots of very nice features, looks and drive great. However, saying all that, the same dealership is now selling the new Ram 1500’s for just under $15,000.00. When I took my truck in for its first oil change (no cost from the dealer), I walked around the lot and no one except the two sale people who approached me were there. I ask them how was business going (as if I couldn’t tell), one of them replied “We will accept nearly any offer now”, I said that is always the saleperson line, no, she said “I mean it, things are so bad we simply have to sale some vehicles, even at a loss.” I noticed a new quad cab Laramie for $19,000.00 and change on the lot.
    I did consider a new F-150, and after rebates, discounts and special offers sent to me from Ford, I could have acquired the new F-150 for arund $14,000.00. But went with the Dodge. Apparently not many other people are.
    Tough times indeed.

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    Kwanzaa: By the way I do not wear bib overalls and speak in gibberish. FWIW I have four college degrees and run successful businesses. If the truck holds out and performs four to five years for me in the tasks I need it for it has served it purpose.
    Thank you for asking.

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    Chrysler is clearly the “most likely to disappear” of the Detroit 3. It’s the smallest, has the shittiest line up of vehicles, and, unlike Ford and GM, has almost no overseas presence.

    And I don’t mean Chapter 11. I mean Chapter 7, as in POOF, no more Chrysler. I don’t believe a car maker could survive Chapter 11 without the few customers they have left running for the hills-nobody is going to buy a vehicle from a bankrupt auto maker.

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    Around here, all the big 2.8 dealers have big trucks advertised at $11,999. Except that to qualify for that price, you need to be a recent college grad who’s also in the military.

    Still, if a truck suits your needs, the discount over buying a gas sipper *could* pay for a whole lot of fuel!

    Now if only the Dodge dealer actually *had* one with the V-6 and 6-speed stick…

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    yankinwaoz: “This is just the market working, forcing the seller to adjust the price to match reality.

    Obviously they were smoking dope when they decided that they would/could sell their pickups for $32k. They took a gamble and lost.

    I suspect even if they sold it for $12k they are still making a profit on the individual truck.”
    Yeah, that’s the key. Dodge played the old marketing game of way overpricing their tired old truck line, then discounting the hell out of them to make them look like a good deal.

    The problem is, even with the so-called big ‘discounts’, they’re still not that great of a deal.

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    You think after the great overproduction fiasco Chrysler had in 2006 back when they were still owned by Damiler they would have learned their lesson.

    I have a cousin who picked up a 1/2 ton regular cab cheap during their 1st overstock fire sale.

    Here in Reno the Chrysler/Jeep store is also starting to pile up SUV inventory. It is not a bad as 2006, but they have 25+ Liberties in their overstock lot.

    My only hope as the owner of a KJ is that whoever picks up Jeep in the liquidation honors the warranty.

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    A base model single cab is like $14k or less right?

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    Sounds to me like it’s a GREAT TIME to buy a new DOD Hemi powered pickup!

    BTW, gas prices are going to plummet as soon as W is out of office… unless of course they put McCain in to continue King Georges raping of America.

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    Recently rented a Dodge Durango. Clearly not a class competitor…just got out of a Tundra, from a different planet….the Durango was really not up to snuff, parts were clearly made by pissed off suppliers, the 4.7 drank gas like a sailor on leave but without the horsepower side effect. Hard plastics everywhere. wind noise not to be believed.

    no wonder they are sitting on the lots.

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    Dangerous Dave

    About every 2 weeks one of those giant inflatable baloons pops up at our local Chrysler dealer with an ever increasing discount on Ram trucks. It started at “$8k off any Ram Pickup”. Last month it was “$10k off any Ram Pickup”, now its $12k off. When the baloon that says “Free Ram Pickup” goes up I might stop in.

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