The Future of Lexus Revealed in Australia

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
the future of lexus revealed in australia

Loose lips may sink ships, but what do they do for brands? If you're John Roca, Lexus' Australian Chief, secure in the knowledge that the brand is going to move over a million cars in a few years, you just don't care. Mr. Roca opened his yap to The Australian and had lots to say. Most interesting to our ears is the fact that the IS-F is not a one-off attempt to steal cash from M and AMG. Keep your eyes peeled and your wallet primed for a GS-F and maybe even a full-size LS-F Limo. Then of course there's the much-blogged-about LF-A supercar which should be ready for prime time on schedule in 2011. Anything else? Why yes. Coupled to Lexus' million+ dream is the fact that you have to sell cars to more than the very rich. For the just kinda/hoping to one day be rich will come a competitor to BMW's 1-Series and Audi's A3. Following that, expect an all new Lexus "Prius," a standalone vehicle that they hope will become synonymous with green luxury. But that's not all! Expect a (yawn) RX replacement next year. And finally, the news that's most interesting to me: Roca claims that the IS range will be expanded to include a coupe and convertible. The latter plus the IS-F's mill will become legend. Surely an IS-F wagon isn't too far behind?

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  • Voice of Sweden Voice of Sweden on Apr 07, 2008

    hwyhobo> I see your point, but all the European "prestige" brands have wagons, even Jaguar if I'm not mistaken.

  • Von Von on Apr 07, 2008

    hwyhobo, While there are some Americans who want wagons, most are too status/image conscience to buy one and the manufacturers are merely reacting to that. Evidence for that is that when wagons were offered, they usually tanked in sales.

  • George Labrador George Labrador on Apr 07, 2008

    Regarding the Lexus, one of there Models the RX330 is made here in Cambridge, Ontario, its the only place outside of Japan that a Lexus is manufactured, TMMC says that Cambridge was chosen because of the quality of the workers at this plant, I just recently had a Tour of the Toyota Plant in Cambridge but not the Lexus part of it, it seems to be forbidden area of the Plant, wonder why?

  • Pch101 Pch101 on Apr 07, 2008

    F? I guess all of the good letters were taken.