Speed:Sport:Life Gets a TTAC-Style Longer Term Cayenne GTS Tester

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
speed sport life gets a ttac style longer term cayenne gts tester

Earlier I pointed out that Jack Baruth's GT-R prognosticating isn't exactly up to Nostradamian standards, at least as far as Britain goes. But then I remembered that I agree with Jack about most things (he still might be right about Skylines in the USA), so I thought I'd check and see what he and the boys at Speed:Sport:Life are up to. Turns out, they just bought a Porsche Cayenne with a six-speed manual. As Jack explains, "Normally, when a magazine talks about a 'long-term test,' they mean they've finagled a free press car from a manufacturer for somewhat longer than the normal one-week period, but this time we mean long-term. As in, we've managed to drop almost ninety-four 'stacks,' which is to say, $93,800, on a 2008 GTS of our very own." Our kinda dudes. But why on earth would they spend so much on a 4,900 pound, 4-seat SUV with 21" rims? To haul their Dodge Neon ACR race car, of course! True, for that much scratch they could've got the Turbo Porker, but as Mr. Baruth points out, "But which would you rather have: a bare-bones Turbo with cheap wheels and plastic grab handles, or a fully loaded GTS complete with wacky biplane rear spoiler and an Alcantara roof?" Seems obvious to us. Also, their Cayenne has bright red gauges. You just gotta have those. Put it this way, if the BMW X6 came with a row-your-own box, I'd force Farago to buy my LeMons team one. Ooh, wait a second — Jack's on my LeMon's team. Life just got much more interesting. And covered in Alcantara.

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  • B-Rad B-Rad on Apr 08, 2008

    You're going to dangle the X6 over our heads to torture us for a long time, aren't you?

  • Durailer Durailer on Apr 08, 2008

    I'll take the bare bones turbo porker any day. And do post more updates on your LeMons project cars.

  • Jonny Lieberman Jonny Lieberman on Apr 08, 2008

    B-Rad: A very long time, yes.

  • Michael Karesh Michael Karesh on Apr 08, 2008

    Sounds like even Lemons--theoretically the lowest budget racing possible--is going the way of Formula 1. So it's becoming necessary to have a $94,000 tow vehicle to be competitive?