GM Car Czar Bob Lutz Blabs About Blogs

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
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gm car czar bob lutz blabs about blogs

This clip from GNTV is almost 18 minutes long. I love Maximum Bob's "poor, pitiful misunderstood GM" schtick for the first five minutes. Then the winner of TTAC's 2008 annual Bob Lutz Award goes into a rambling rant about blogs in general and how important his is (in specific). At the 10 minute mark, Lutz addresses his " global warming is a crock of shit" comment; he was wronged because it was "off the record." MB didn't think it was that big of a thing until the print media picked it up– and they only found out about it because he posted his "here's what I really meant" backtrack in Fastlane. At the 14 minute mark Bob's asked how GM will make use of "social media" in the next few years. It gets seriously boring as he pontificates on the evolution from bulletin boards with notices tacked up on them (which he refers to as "fiberware," whatever that means) to blogs. Maximum Bob never really passes on any usable information, but it's an interesting excursion into LutzLand. I'm disappointed that he never mentioned the Deathwatch series. And I have to wonder what this guy did to get him to do this, and what he cut from the final vid. Think we could get Bobbo to agree to doing a video for us?

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Apr 11, 2008
    Stein X Leikanger : Farago better hope Lutz doesn’t go on a strafing mission. Not to mention those damn black helicopters.
  • Jaje Jaje on Apr 11, 2008

    Bob needs a big sign that says "mission accomplished" behind him.

  • N Number N Number on Apr 12, 2008

    I'm just saying that a T-33 would be more fitting. Or what about an FM2 Wildcat, the General Motors contract-built Grumman fighter from WW2. The man ought to only be seen exclusively in GM vehicles.

  • Jerzjt Jerzjt on Apr 12, 2008

    Classic line Jaje....I just spewed coffee all over my laptop!!!