Ford's Initial Quality As Good As Toyonda's

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
fords initial quality as good as toyondas

Bloomberg reports a recent survey that shows Ford's initial quality is at the same level as Toyota's and Honda's. The survey, which ranked problems per 1k vehicles in the first three months of ownership, showed Ford's vehicles scored 1,284 against Toyota's and Honda's "statistically equivalent" 1,250. GM and Chrysler didn't do so well, scoring 1,367 and 1,744 respectively. Of course, Ford will crow about their "achievement" in their "Drive One" ads. What they won't tell you, though, is that Alan Mulally signed the figurative check to RDA Group for performing the survey. That's right folks — Ford bought the survey in which they placed so highly. I vented the editorial spleen when they did the same thing last year, so all I'll say this time is that it didn't seem to help their sales then so I hope they get their money's worth this time.

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  • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Apr 08, 2008
    Look at a Fusion’s engine compartment. Then, look at an Accord’s. And check out a Camry underhood. Actually, this is one area where GM does really well. From the horror show of the early eighties, today's GM product has a very nicely detailed engine compartment. That Fusion? Note how many items have added insulation, heat shields, etc. Makes me wonder if these parts are going to age well. For those who really put on high mileage or keep them for many years I would be concerned... For the record - Toyota made due and extended the claim period on the sludge issue - Honda extended transferrable drivetrain warranties to 100k miles (In fact I’ve never read about GM or Ford doing the same for transmission problems and many of their cars had a much higher failure rate). Toyota did make good on my brother's sludge induced engine failure, but root canal would have been easier. Since his was one of the early failures, they refused to accept any culpability, instead blaming it on poor maintenance. Seems my brother had his oil changes elsewhere, not at the Stealership. I am with jolo. Let’s see the 5 and 10 year stories. That would likely also answer Quasi’s question as well. The real problem anyone who let’s their quality fall will have is that once people expect failure, then each little problem reinforces that belief. I use a 92 Sable to go to the railroad station. 209K miles, and yes, some poor paint. Third ignition switch, a couple of TFI modules, but car has been very reliable. Trans replaced at 160K. Many Ford products make excellent used car values in part because of perceived poor quality. A used Toyota is probably more reliable over the long haul, but the difference in purchase price of the used vehicle will more than pay for a few extra repairs. Check on eBay for used cars. You will see just as many used Fords with high mileage for sale as Toyotas. BTW, what's with the Pinto crap? 35 years in the auto industry might as well be the Jurassic Period. Better bring up the rust buckets from Japan, crappy Honda A/C's and head gasket failures (mid 80's Civics). We all could go on with this but the pattern is this: The Japanese have overall a better reliability record, but overall long term (150K on up) durability advantage is not so clear. Yes there are notable exceptions. Today the reliability gap is much closer than it used to be. Bigger differences today would be quality of interiors and refinement. The Japanese still are better here then the Americans.

  • Jaje Jaje on Apr 09, 2008

    geeber - finding any website that includes the information is very difficult. Unfortunately the mother jones and the rollover lawyer websites provide a lot of information some fact and some exaggerated information. I simply cannot find a good "unbiased" source of information.

  • Cahma Cahma on Apr 09, 2008

    So you think Ford "paid" for the results? Who do you think pays for the JD Power survey? JD Power doesn't give it away. Also, regarding manipulation of data, I didn't see anything about the secret (and illegal) warranties that Japan is so famous for... The dealer offers you a free oil change and then fixes some other problems without your knowledge. You are non the wiser, and you are happy that the dealer gave you a free oil change. I also didn't hear anything about the major problems with the new Tundra. What about the engine failures and the body damage from driving the truck? The tailgate, the rear quarter panels, and the back panel get damaged from driving on bumpy roads. If you want an appliance, but a Toyota. The economic effects are a lot bigger than factory jobs in Detroit or Kentucky. The profits for Japan, Inc. go back to Japan. They invest little in this country, and their philanthropy is miniscule.

  • on Aug 12, 2008

    [...] you caught the company’s current advertising campaign, which boasted that a recent survey (sponsored by Ford) found Ford’s quality to be on par with that of Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM). I’m no [...]