Detroit To Hire Again?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
detroit to hire again

A report by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor MI concludes that Detroit will begin hiring again as soon as September, and should add some 46k jobs by 2016. According to Detroit News, the report is based on "interviews with Big Three officials and others in the auto industry," so, y'know… have that salt ready. The average age of UAW workers in Michigan is 50, and the majority of new hires between now and 2016 will be replacements for retiring and bought out workers. In fact, Michigan's 129k industry employees will dwindle to about 108k by 2016, says the report. Replacements for longtime UAW workers will fall under the new two-tier wage structure, meaning Detroit's hirings will not only be under replacement levels, but they will also contribute greatly to declining wages in the industry. Factor in projected labor shortages for skilled workers in Michigan, and the Detroit News' headline seems more than a little overoptimistic. But hey, this is what passes for good news in Detroit these days.

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  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Apr 15, 2008

    I'll bet $100 on the under.

  • Timd38 Timd38 on Apr 16, 2008

    Good news! They have a sales on jobs in Michigan, they are all 1/2 price!

  • Skor Skor on Apr 16, 2008

    No surprise. The US of 'Merica can't run trade deficits forever. Eventually, Americans are going to have to make some of the stuff they use, because they have no money to buy it overseas, nor will anyone extent anymore credit to them. Manufacturing jobs will return to the US, but this time the competition is global, and the real wages and benefits ain't gonna be like the old days. People will take these jobs because they have no other choice. Because working class wages will trend downward, the tax base will contract for many states/municipalities, so eventually real wages of cops, teachers, judges and the parasite class(lawyers/politicians) will contract as well. Reality can only be ignored for so long. Wealth comes from the production of useful goods and services, not from parasites like lawyers, "right-wing" radio blow-hards, or corporate vultures. I pray that I live to see the day when ex-lawyers are working on an auto assembly line, installing windshields at piece work wages, while their Chinese boss screams obscenities at them. Welcome to reality, parasites.

  • Orian Orian on Apr 16, 2008

    The problem with US manufacturing is that unions priced labor so high that manufactures had to move things over seas to stay profitable. The price of raw materials also contributed, but the wages were the last nail in the coffin.