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Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
daily podcast original content

TTAC is a content machine. Our [barely paid] team of writers is as prolific as it is talented. Our [unpaid] commentators are the autoblogosphere's Best and Brightest, and they're not shy about coming forward. And whatever you think about my literary skills, my OCD makes me one keyboard tapping fool. Of one thing I am especially proud: although TTAC was late to the blogging game and don't have a tenth of the resources of the big sites, we kick ass. We blog the big ones, and blog them according to our branding remit. It occasionally annoys me that my competition doesn't. Just the other day, Justin took a shot at Autoblog for being a "press release funnel." I thought it was a bit OTT. And then I read AB's blog about Subaru's new ad campaign, which (not-so-coincidentally) we covered here. AB republished the entire Subaru press release. No biggie, I thought. Fills the space. And then I rethinked. Why would AB hand deliver its audience to Subaru like that, without any filtration? Its antithetical to my idea of what blogging is all about: added perspective. Exercising editorial judgment. Less poetically, or perhaps more, it's about NOT kissing ass. I remain committed to this vision. So, how are we doing?

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  • FromBrazil FromBrazil on Apr 26, 2008

    keep it up TTAC!!! I love the site. Though apparently far removed, most content hits home. Also, lots of stuff I read here I throw onto my (often clueless FIAT employees) and they're amazed I've got so much info. Many times I direct them to the site. Which takes me to the crucible of my posting, too much info????? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! if I had it my way, I'd love you guys to give me even more and ever more content. For those who can't take too much content, too bad! I think for them it's like: " I can't keep up with ALL this news. So I want nobody else to!" C'mon. Please Mr Farago, More content, not less. that's a sure way to kill your splendid site.

  • David C. Holzman David C. Holzman on Apr 26, 2008

    going by the amount of time I spend on this site, quite well. I think there have been improvements in the average quality of material--fewer editorials but the ones there are seem more interesting--and I am all for quality over quantity. There's a lot of interesting news, although I admit to skipping anythnig about American Axle. I would like, however to hear more about how Mack Trucks are doing (no! Just kidding!!!) I also still marvel at the lack of flaming, and the civil and oft-fascinating discourse that promotes among people with greatly differing opinions about politics, global climate disruption, etc. This is really a huge deal. I am amazed at the way you (or more precisely, Jonny L) keeps coming up with fun QOTDs.I love reading all the posts these generate about how people relate to their cars.

  • 1169hp 1169hp on Apr 27, 2008

    labrat I'm with you brother. I can't fathom why any sane American would want the big three to fail. If someone's bent out of shape about some crappy domestic they owned umpteen years ago, they can always vote with their wallet and buy a transplant (and probably already have). The big three will adapt or die. That's it. Don't hate. It's a pleasure to peruse TTAC and it's comments section. Sometimes I read a few comments before I read the actual review or editorial. I'm just nutty like that. It's been my expirence that most other site's comment sections quickly degrade into a lowbrow, juvenile pissing contest. It's slightly entertaining for a minute, but quickly becomes grating. That childishness ultimately cheapens the whole site. The podcast length issue has been visited before. I understand less is more, but a "little more" would be nice. Some topics could use more analysis, but instead are hurriedly skimmed over, perhaps due to time constraints. It's a tricky deal. You want to be succinct and keep the podcast within a predetermined time frame, but not over do it. Would fifteen minutes be too much?? DT

  • Dreamtech Dreamtech on Apr 28, 2008

    Robert, I am a car designer, and I love this website to get a feel for all the cars I don`t get a chance to drive and for your unique insights about the car industry. Life would not be the same without TTAC. I also enjoy AE and AB for different reasons but TTAC has a unique edge. I really enjoy TTAC writing style and sense of humor . I do not feel you are putting to much content on TTAC. I think you have a good balance right now with enough editorials, news and reviews. But please don`t make NEWS your main focus. AB covers that; of course covering big news with your unique comments is welcomed. The main focus should be the reviews followed up by intelligent editorials. I would love to see a few more car reviews. I enjoy hearing your podcasts. I have noticed with many podcasts (ex Autoweek, etc.) that they are often to long and SLOW. Actually, think about it ; If the podcast is so entertaining, then it doesn`t matter how long it is. The fact is, that too many people that do podcasts don`t have a clue about being a `radio talk style host` and the podcast comes off slow and boring. I think your ten minute podcast limit is ok, but would like to see a faster pace. Check on PBS the Friday night show McLaughlin. He is great host and really keeps the show moving. Below is an example of the speaking pace. http://www.fednet.net/mg/MG020108.mp3 Again, I love the website and keep up the great work!