Hyundai Releases Genesis Coupe Specs

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
hyundai releases genesis coupe specs

If you recall, Hyundai presented the production version of the rear wheel-drive Genesis Coupe at the New York Auto Show last week. We can now bring you some specs. The base engine is a turbocharged and intercooled 2.0-liter four-cylinder mill, cranking-out. 212hp at 6500 rpm, and 217 ft.-lbs. of twist at 2500 rpm. The optional 3.8-liter V6 is good for 306 horsepower at 6000 rpm, with 263 ft.-lbs. of torque at 4700 rpm. Both cars feature a six-speed manual as standard (which means most American buyers will be paying more for a slushbox). The turbo four gets an optional five-speed auto while the V6 gets an outstanding optional ZF six-speed auto. Now for the bad news. The V6 weigh-in at 3549 lbs and the four-banger ain't no featherweight neither (3439 lbs.). That puts the Genesis Coupes almost exactly on par with FoMoCo's V6 and V8 Mustangs. Hyundai's only performance estimate: the V6 will make it to 60mph in "under 6 seconds." So why not fir the Genesis with a 250-horse version of the blown four that Kia showcased in their Koup concept? Why not indeed.

Click here for a Pixamo gallery of the Genesis Coupe

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  • John R John R on Mar 25, 2008
    @DearS I saw this one at the NY autoshow. It isn't really that long, the G37 appears to be longer.

  • Orian Orian on Mar 25, 2008

    As for the auto show, that stage was small so I wouldn't use it as a true performance/handling indicator. I'm looking forward to the car to be honest. If they do it right and the price is low enough it could open the door for more RWD cars from more manufacturers.

  • CRaCk hEaD aLLeY CRaCk hEaD aLLeY on Mar 25, 2008
    Is that 3.8L V6 a hands-me-down Mistubishi GT3000 engine?

  • Amos Amos on Feb 27, 2009

    Just drove one today for the first time and I have to say, I don't remember going to a tailor and getting all my measurements taken but they put them to great use. I might be holding out for the R-Spec but, at this point, I would not be surprised if I owned one before the year is out. I am 6'4 and felt completely at home in this ride. Handling and ride were well balanced and this was a touring model, not even the track. Going back to check it out this weekend. I've been looking for my first brand new car to buy and tried out literally everything close to this class and most of them (I'm looking at you, Altima Coupe) just seem pathetic in comparison. -my 2 cents