Autoliv Night Vision for Mass Motorists?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
autoliv night vision for mass motorists

At the moment, electronically enhanced night vision is only available on the BMW 5-, 6- and 7-Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. Our spies tell us that Bimmer's Night Vision option ($2200) is a drug on the market. Merc's Night View Assist would be similarly unloved if it weren't part of a $6190 options package. reports that the gizmologists supplying same say their second gen systems will bring the technology to the masses. In fact, Autoliov confidently predicts that sales of their proprietary technology will soar from today's 20k to 2013's 1m units per year. Autoliv's prognostication is based on a J.D. Power & Associates customer survey re: new-vehicle features. Night vision ranked fourth on buyers' wish list– and dropped to 18th when the price was disclosed. Yes, well, the new system is better than the old (surprise). "With the hardware looking for heads, arms and legs and the software evaluating data for false warnings from light poles and tree stumps, [Autoliv MD Stuart] Klapper says drivers typically will get a four-second warning on the night-vision monitor of any living thing in the vehicle’s path." At what speed? As the average vehicle requires about three to four seconds to stop from 60mph (at best), no matter how you parse it, the system is not ideal for Knight Rider wannabes. Just sayin'…

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