Chevrolet Gets Cyrus About the Future

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
chevrolet gets cyrus about the future

GM wants to greenwash the youth of America. Today's "Chevy Rocks the Future" event at Disney Studios "for celebrities and young influencers" features performances by pre-pubscent fan favorites the Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana (a.k.a. Daddy's little cash cow). More than 150 LA-area kids scored tickets to the exclusive event, many by attending the Chevy's public school-based "Promise to Live Better!" propaganda educational program. "Chevy Rocks the Future" will showcase the Aveo5, Malibu Hybrid-lite, Camaro "Bumblebee" from the "Transformers" movie (a real fuel miser, that), Equinox Fuel Cell, Tahoe Hybrid and, of course, the "this isn't what it will look like but we're not going to talk about that because we wouldn't want to miss Hannah Montana now would we children" Volt. But that's not all! The lucky kids will learn all about automotive technology via a "car that pops popcorn using biofuel technology" and a "'hybrid laboratory that mixes chocolate and peanut butter for a winning combination." For more PC fun, read the full press here.

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  • Lprocter1982 Lprocter1982 on Feb 19, 2008

    And to think we condemn China for brainwashing it's children, while GM pulls this.

  • Steven Lang Steven Lang on Feb 19, 2008

    Disney and GM: Partners in fantasy

  • Jaje Jaje on Feb 19, 2008

    GM - most green MFGR by press releases, in reality has one of the worst fleet mileage averages. In all it's just much cheaper to tell everyone you are green rather than actually do it. It's not like anyone ever holds GM accountable for anything anymore.

  • N Number N Number on Feb 19, 2008

    When I was a kid, the environmental movement was heating up and I remember "facts" that were given to me and of course they were accepted without question. Global warming was just getting started, but it had its die-hard followers already. 15 years ago (I was 10 at the time) I remember being told that due to the cataclysmic Kevin Costner-esqe ice cap melting, Galveston Island would be under 50 feet of water in 25 years. They still have 10 years for their prediction to come true, but so far it ain't looking good. Wish they would have showed me a car that made popcorn or peanut butter and chocolate.