A Match Made In… a New York Taxi

Glenn Swanson
by Glenn Swanson
a match made in 8230 a new york taxi

Step into Ahmed Ibrahim's cab on Valentine's Day and you could get a lot more than a ride from A to B- you could also land a date, says the New York Daily News. The self-proclaimed "cupid cab driver" has spent years driving around the city looking for New Yorkers with lonely hearts, but only offers his services to a select group of passengers. Ibrahim listens to the conversations of his fares, asks them a few questions and then, if he thinks they are suitable, explains his matchmaking services and asks for their number and e-mail. "I want to know if they're the real deal or just a player," and "if you're a player, then forget about it," he says. Cab-rider Martin Karamon met a woman through Ibraham and says "When you live in New York City, nothing is bizarre, but it was a unique experience for sure." Still, cupid's love-arrows don't always hit their mark; Karamon says he might ride in Ibrahim's cab again "because I just broke up with my girlfriend." Oh, and they're still friends. That's nice. I mean who hasn't been through that routine? It's over, "but we can still be friends," she says. While most of us say something like, "oh, okay," what we're really thinking is "Go to Hell, you back-stabbing bitch!" Huh…oh, sorry, it's just an old emotional wound- I'll be okay. Happy Valentines Day, everyone! (You too… bitch.)

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  • Dolo54 Dolo54 on Feb 14, 2008

    this guy has been at it for a few years. his services are free of charge.

  • Sanman111 Sanman111 on Feb 14, 2008

    Well, You can't fault the man for finding something to do with his spare time. At least you don't have to pay him $50 a month and answer a million stupid questions. 'Let's be friends' - Phrase popular in western social circles. See - passive-aggresive hell

  • Nick Nick on Feb 14, 2008
    ‘Let’s be friends’ - Phrase popular in western social circles. Years ago, I used to put up with that. Eventually I grew a pair, and told a young woman who pulled that crap 'If I wanted another friend, I'd get a fuckin' dog!!!' One of the most satisfying moments of my life.

  • Stephan Wilkinson Stephan Wilkinson on Feb 14, 2008

    Cabbies used to be the best way to find a hooker. Can this be a variant?