WTF Was Nissan Thinking?

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

The newly-restyled Nissan Murano went on sale this week. The good news: the MSRP is $1500 lower than the previous model's. The bad news: someone let Subaru's stylists into Nissan's studios. Apparently pissed they had to give up the "flying vagina" on the B9 Tribeca, they surreptitiously altered the front of Nissan's CUV to show the next evolutionary step in the development of the infamous flying-v. While they were at it, they threw in a bunch of insectoid headlights under creased plastic covers. Then they moved to the rear where they designed a derrière that looks like a WRX hatchback with a fanny lift. The only logical explanation is that Nissan discovered their mischief too late to make any corrections before the planned intro date. At least I hope this wasn't intentional!

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • Morbo Morbo on Jan 18, 2008

    Another CUV that won’t get me out of my Aztek.

    And there you have it. When an Aztek owners calls a car ugly, It's U-G-L-Y

  • Kjc117 Kjc117 on Jan 18, 2008

    The original Murano was a great balanced design and was going to be a tough act to follow. With this generation Murano it seems the designers tried too hard to improve on last generations design. However, the Murano is not in the same league of "uglyness" as the first generation Tribecca B9 flying "V". Anyone remember Nissan's "Space Van"?

  • TheEndlessEnigma In '98 a guy I worked with came into work pissed, so pissed he was beside himself, so pissed he was beside himself and they were both pissed. He had bought a Seville the year before for his wife, a very buxom empty headed drink of water that was roughly 20 years his junior (she *LIKED* older men and he wasn't about to complain). He had gotten a call the afternoon before, she was broken down in the less than 1 year old Seville on the side of the NY Turnpike at the Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga. The car quite on her in traffic and it wouldn't start. They got it towed to a nearby Caddy dealer and they started checking out the problem immediately. As he told it, the car already had a little over 20k miles on it so the service manager was pretty concerned about a warranty engine failure, "These Northstar engines are bulletproof!". After about an hour at the shop the service manager comes to talk with them, "Uh, ma'am, when was the last time you had the oil changed"? "Oil change, don't they come with oil when you buy these cars?". Seems the engine seized up, right around 1 qt of oil, with a tar like consistency and full of sparkles, was found in the oil pan. The late '90s, a NorthStar engine, one year and 20k miles......never saw an oil change. Powertrain warranty claim? Refused. Engine replacement? You bet, $9900 in 1998 dollars.
  • VoGhost Quality review. Thanks!
  • VoGhost Love this collective clutching of pearls over a vehicle name not a single commenter will ever see, drive or buy.
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  • 28-Cars-Later Seriously, $85. GM Delta I is burning hot garbage to the point where the 1990 Saturn Z-body is leagues better. My mother inherited an '07 Ion with 30Kish otc which was destroyed in 2014 by a tipsy driver with a suspended license (driver's license enforcement is a joke in Pennsyltucky). Insurance paid out $6,400 when it was only worth about $5,800 IIRC, but sure 10 year later the "hipo" Delta I can fetch how much?