By on January 30, 2008

941085796_37384a0f7b.jpgLet’s say you’re driving down South Dakota Highway 50 and you’ve GOT to fill-up on E85. Obviously, you don't REALLY have to; any car that can run on E85 can run on “normal” gasoline. (And run farther too, but that's another story.) So let's just imagine it's a patriotic “our boys don’t have to die defending corn fields” thing. Or maybe a "I heart Federal Subsidies" deal. So, how do you know where to get a tankful of corn juice? Tom-Tom Go? Phone a friend? Not to worry! The South Dakota’s legislature is here to help! According to, the Mount Rushmore State just enacted legislation that requires state officials to list E85 availability on interstate highway signs. Hang on; “State officials say the bill is premature because South Dakota is in a regional compact of states that are planning a system of uniform signs for renewable fuels.” So they're doing this twice? Anyway, no word yet on how much either boondoggle’s going to cost. But we ALL know who’s going to pay for it…

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4 Comments on “E85 Boondoggle of the Day: SD Taxpayers Pay for E85 Highway Signs...”

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    Why melt down a food product like corn when wild prairie grass will do the job much more efficiantly. Instead of paying farmers to till corn into our fuel tanks, let them grow prairie grass for some 500% more effiency per acre grown in this new “Frankenfuel”.

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    Sounds like South Dakota has had a recent influx of California politicians. Nothing else could explain this level of stupidity.

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    When Everyday is a Winding Road, you really need your:

    Gasoline – Sheryl Crow

    Way back in the year of 2017
    The sun was growing hotter
    And oil was way beyond its peak
    When crazy Hector Johnson broke into a refinery
    And the black gold started flowing
    Just like Boston tea

    It was the summer of the riots
    And London sat in sweltering heat
    And the gangs of Mini Coopers
    Took the battle to the streets
    But when the creed was handed down
    For no more trucks and no more cars
    They threw cans of petrol through the windows at Scotland Yard

    Will be free, will be free
    Will be free, will be free

    Soon they’ll have her crowing about E85.

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    Alex Rodriguez

    I have to agree, it is a little dumb to pay for signs, when all you have to do is look it up on the internet.

    By the way, there are 70 E85 stations in South Dakota now, and the list grows by the week.

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