Schumacher's Crazy Taxi or No Good Drive Goes Unpunished

William C Montgomery
by William C Montgomery
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schumacher s crazy taxi or no good drive goes unpunished

Pistonheads had a chuckle last week when we read that F1 legend Michael Schumacher took the helm of his cab so that he and his family wouldn’t miss their flight home. The retired racer dashed 30 kilometers to the aerodrome in Coburg mit wife and kids in a nine-seat Opel minivan. The exotically named cabbie involved, one Truncer Yilmaz, reported that the journey went pretty much as you'd expect. “He drove at full throttle around the corners and over-took in some unbelievable places.” Cool, eh? According to AFP, the Bavaria police aren't amused; they've begun an official inquest into Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. “That was an offense against the Personnel Transport Act,” the Coburg traffic authority told German tabloid, Bild. “We will have a hearing with the taxi driver to resolve the matter.” (Jackboots at dawn?) Meanwhile, Herr Yilmaz is looking to cash in on his passenger's infamous exploits. In addition to receiving a €100 tip, Yilmaz has put his“Schumi taxi” up for sale. So far, he claims he has at least ten interested buyers, with one bid in excess of €63k. “I need the money,” the cabbie explained. “Because of the Schumi-Ride I could be in big trouble with the police.” Stimmt?

William C Montgomery
William C Montgomery

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  • Kornjd Kornjd on Dec 17, 2007

    I love it! Let the cabbie go!!

  • MaxHedrm MaxHedrm on Dec 17, 2007

    He was taking the cab back to a charter/private plane as I recall.

  • Altoids Altoids on Dec 18, 2007

    Awesome story. If the police don't like it, he should offer to do "community service", driving around in police cars.

  • BerettaGTZ BerettaGTZ on Dec 18, 2007

    The picture of the Zafira is inaccurate. The Zafira only seats 7. The 9-seat Opel minivan that Schumacher drove would be the Vivaro, and even with a diesel it will easily do 160 km/h on the autobahn. Pretty impressive for such a huge box.