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dodge-durango-on-top-of-chrysler-intersection-04.jpgFollowing the passage of the Energy Bill today, Chrysler posted the following statement on the media blog, It hails from from Robert Nardelli, Chairman and CEO, Chrysler LLC, regarding new, nationwide U.S. fuel economy standards. "We commend the Congress for passing an energy bill today and we fully support it being signed into law. Chrysler is committed to meeting the fuel economy standards of the bill and doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our country's reliance on foreign oil. We continue to devote significant resources to develop quality, fuel efficient products that our customers expect. This year alone, we offer six vehicles that get 28 miles per gallon or better, and more are on the way." Wow, SIX whole vehicles? My goodness, that's incredible. Twenty-eight miles per gallon– without the "highway" caveat? Astonishing! And we get to choose from such fantastic products as the Caliber, Patriot, Compass, Sebring, Avenger, or Sebring Convertible! All with the puniest engines Chrysler sells. For fuel economy purposes. Why are they leaving out the amazing E85 Durango that has EPA ratings of 12 highway, 9 city? Just wonderin'…

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15 Comments on “Chrysler Congratulates Itself on Fuel Economy...”

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    This is about the lamest claim ever, especially since Honda probably doesn’t sell six vehicles that get less than 28 MPG.

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    Justin, Your picture says it all. Nardelli is just another spinmeister spraying perfume on a turd.

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    Justin Berkowitz


    Surprisingly enough, Honda does sell a number of vehicles that do not come w/ 28 mpg in any trim level. The S2000, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, Element, and CR-V are all sub 28 mpg.

    Most of those vehicles (not the S2K or Ridgeline) are just under, though — in the neighborhood of 25 mpg. And under the 2008 EPA rating system, that’s still great.

    Part of the problem is that the market has, for a long time, demanded heavy unaerodynamic boats. SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks just don’t get that kind of high mileage if you want them to be drivable.

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    Not only that but they’ve already sold 4 of the 6 vehicles.

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    guyincognito: Not only that but they’ve already sold 4 of the 6 vehicles.

    And they sold them to fleets.

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    # Johnster :
    December 18th, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    guyincognito: Not only that but they’ve already sold 4 of the 6 vehicles.

    And they sold them to fleets.
    That was good!

    If you say it enough, you will start to believe it. How long until CTC in Auburn Hills is a Home Depot store?

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    unsprung weight

    Here’s the surprisingly similar email I sent to colleagues before seeing this post:

    “Wow, six vehicles that get 28 mpg or better?! Impressive, and with such a ring to it. And that’s just this year alone! They didn’t even count past or future model years!”

    Now that Jason Vines is gone and the Communications folk are reporting to HR, I suspect we can expect more of this. Fun.

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    Well I’m glad we have TTAC to blow the whistle on things like this. When I tried clicking on the link to view the original article, I got to the Chrysler’s media site, which limits access to “Journalists and Industry Analysts”

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    Well Nardelli is looking at part of the glass that is full. Denying the other empty part does not make for trustworthy integrity though. Perhaps he does not consider Dodges other offerings successful, since they are opposite what he says are his intentions for Dodge.

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    Cleanup on aisle 12, cleanup on aisle 12, bring a shovel.

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    Are any of Chrysler’s current “fuel efficient” vehicles not complete crap?

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    Is this a good time to use the phrase ‘whistling past the graveyard’?

    And seriously, any company selling the Durango and the Aspen should sit quietly and stare at the ceiling when the word ‘economy’ comes up.

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    I believe what you meant to say is:

    Are any of Chrysler’s current . . . vehicles not complete crap?

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    It looks like the Stratus is sniffing the Durangos crotch.

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    Nardelli is the new Bob Lutz?

    But I feel bad for Chrysler, screwed by Eaton and his gang then by the Germans. Now, all except the minivans only appeal to one market segment. Plus, they are way behind on hybrid technology and looking at China for a fuel efficient small car!!

    WTF!! Chrysler is in deep do do where are they going to get their future market share??

    Their next great car is the Dodge Challenger-Big engine, FR, gas guzzling, “living in past” car.

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