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caw-3d-logo-colour.jpgEven though he says he's not surprised by the outcome, Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW) president Buzz Hargrove is disappointed with the contract agreement signed by his American comrades at GM and Chrysler. The London Free Press reports the union leader feels the agreement "worsens things in the sense that one more time the U.S. government is let off the hook in terms of dealing with the [closed foreign markets] trade issue." In a more piercing glimpse into the obvious, Hargrove says the Chrysler contract's narrow margin of victory "shows there's an enormous amount of dissent among the rank and file members." When the CAW starts their contract talks in July of next year, Hargrove vows the CAW won't follow the same path as the UAW. Considering Canada's national health care program obviates retiree health care discussions, negotiations can't follow the same path. However, it'll be fun to see what Buzz has to say when the automakers try to lower Canadian wages to match the UAW's new two-tiered structure.

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9 Comments on “CAW’s Hargrove Not Impressed With UAW Contracts...”

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    Also, the CAW is working with Magna to sign a contract that stipulates no strikes. At least they are trying to be creative…
    “The two sides call the deal they signed a Framework for Fairness. It allows for secret ballot votes at each plant which will be administered by independent third parties.

    The deal guarantees the company a no-strike environment. There is no time limit on the organizing drive, and no limit to how many times the union can hold a vote in the Magna plants. And for the first time, there will be no opposition to the union from the company – which means union wins are almost guaranteed at most plants”

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    The ever-increasing Canadian dollar certainly isn’t helping the CAWs hopes. Hargrove is delusional if he thinks any of the 2.8, especially Chryslerberus is gonna lie down.

    Hey Buzz… Take the wage cuts. It’s either that, or job cuts and plant closures.

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    Gardiner Westbound

    The CAW extorted every cent possible from automakers during the good times, deeming it their fair share. Now that the Canadian dollar is trading higher than the greenback and VEBA has negated taxpayer supplied health care the union is unwilling to share in the tough times. CAW union boss Buzz Hargrove is gonna party like it’s 1969!

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    s mike

    Buzz will force the 2.8 to close shop in Canada and build plants south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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    News Flash! The Canadians have coughed up enough concessions.All cleaning work is now done by outside contractors,as is all tractor trailer work.We did this during the life of our contract.
    In the US the UAW swallowed the VEBA for only the retired workers,not the active ones.
    Yes we have national health care of wich us [the people that work]pay obscene taxes for.
    In the near future we are going through very turbulant times at GM Oshawa.A very complex system of model changes,production cut backs {3rd shift truck gone Jan 1}
    and retooling to a flex plant.All this is gonna wreck havoc on current employment levels.
    On Sept 14 our contract with GM expires.The Loony is trading higher than the GreenbackThe UAW gagged down 2 tiered wages.The only product commitment we have is the Camaro.Lets see our bread and butter, car the Impala is nearing the of its life cycle.Does anybody know the GM/Canadian pension is underfunded?It is, I make it my buisness to know.
    Does perfect storm come to mind?
    I’m going out on a limb here and make a prediction.
    Your F—–n right we are gonna take 2 tiered wages and pay freezes and everything else our brothers and sisters in the states swallowed.With, our without brother Hargroves blessing

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    Is the Canadian Dollar strong or is it just the US one is weak ?

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    Both. The Canadian dollar is up a fair bit against the Euro from 2002, but not nearly as much as it’s gained on the USD

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    Don’t believe everything you read/hear about US Taxes.
    I worked 16 years in Canada and 15 years in the US. After 2 years here I did a comparison in Real Dollars and found that I has MORE spending money when I lived in Canada than after I moved to the US and HAD to forkout $1000 before I got any medical benfits paid an obscene amount in Social Security Taxes (which is going bankrupt, so I won’t likely get any) and then there is Medicare on top of that. Oh yeah and don’t forget the $30,000/year tution/per child.
    Of course I live in New York and there is a tax issue right there

    The grass is not always greener.

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    Extrapolating your New York taxes to the whole country will give you an unrealistic view of the whole country.

    Taxes in other parts of the US are much lower than in Canada. Think about it, US tax code does not have separate tax tables for different cities or states.

    If you are unhappy, start with your local city or county government.

    The dirty secret is that it’s local politics that make New York so expensive. In fact, local politics and local assessments/fees/tax codes will almost always affect your life more than anything that happens at the national level.

    We are each to blame for our own apathy. You can see this the next time you attend your next homeowners’ meeting, or the next PTA meeting at your kids’ school.

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