Motorhead Mall Rat Mecca

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
motorhead mall rat mecca

Want a "full day of upper class experience onboard a Maybach 62S with a designated chauffeur" at your beck and call? Just be one of the first 62 walk-in customers at the new Mercedes dealership at the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Oh wait, you're too late. AME Info reports a local franchisee opened a 25,295 sq. ft. dealership at the mall on Sunday. It features everything that Mercedes makes, including the full AMG, Maybach and McLaren lineups. The mall also includes displays of Mercedes models in a "circle of elite boutiques" and "showcased around the main entrance and coffee shop area." Placing the dealership at "the busiest mall in Abu Dhabi" brings "Mercedes-Benz into the heart of retail in Abu Dhabi." Geez… and we get all excited when a new Starbucks opens at the mall!

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