Chevy Offers 100 Early Adopters Free Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
chevy offers 100 early adopters free fuel cell vehicles

In the 60's, Chrysler built 50 experimental turbine-engined cars and put them in the hands of consumers for real-world testing. The turbine program ended abruptly, the victim of emission standards. Now, over 40 years later, emission standards are the driving force behind Chevy's new test fleet of 100 fuel-cell-powered Equinoxes. Popular Science reports that rumors of Chevy's "Project Driveway" are about to come true: GM will select drivers in Orange County, California; Westchester County, New York; and Washington, D.C. to wring-out the hydrogen-powered clean machines, free of charge, for up to two years. (The areas were chosen for their access to hydrogen filling stations, gloves mandatory.) If you're interested in applying for the test program, go to And if you're PC lucky enough to be selected, please let us know.

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