REAL ID Funding Unresolved

real id funding unresolved

Who will pay for the REAL ID act? The law stipulates which ID documents states must require before issuing a driver's license, in order for the the document to be recognized as valid by the federal government (social security, ID for plane travel, etc.). Although Congress set aside $40m to pay for start-up costs, the question of who will foot the estimated $11b bill for REAL ID remains unresolved. Speaking to TTAC by telephone, Neil Berro, Executive Director, Coalition for a Secure Driver's License, suggested a partnership. "We believe the feds should pay for the lion's share, the state's should cover some of the costs, and individual license holders should make a contribution." Berro said a token fee would educate citizens about the importance of homeland security. Berro also said a Zogby poll pegs support for REAL ID at 70 percent, but activists from both the left (open door) and right (anti-feds) have united to oppose the legislation every step of the way.

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