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By on February 19, 2012

While Volvo has had the occasional flirtation with performance (the 850R and S60R/V70R twins spring immediately to mind) the Swedish brand is most know for a dedication to safety. It was safety that attracted me to buy my first Volvo, a 1998 S70 T5 (5-speed manual of course), but it was performance that resulted in my second Volvo purchase, a 2006 V70R (6-speed manual). Unlike my Swedespeed.com brothers, however I had no delusions about the future of the R brand as Volvo doubled-down on their core. The R-Design models are a concession to speed freaks with a Swedish soft spot. Let’s see if they can fill the void.

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    IAhawkeye - Thank you! I had no idea such a vehicle even existed, haha
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    JimZ - “I think a better way is comparing engines of comparable torque output. Say a 500lb-ft gas engine to a 500lb-ft diesel. ” everyone wants to “cook the...
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    outback_ute - Why not call this the Jeep Grand Wagoneer? Or maybe Gladiator.
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    Drzhivago138 - What baffles me most is not that the third-gen Ramcharger used the Caravan’s hatch, but that it was only available in 2WD.
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