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TTAC’s forays into areas like law, politics and economics are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they do matter. The dry, dense topics like regulation and financial topics have real implications for car enthusiasts, not to mention society as a whole. One subset of that is urban planning, a discipline which can have an enormous impact on our favorite hobby.

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  • Re: Sen. Reid Calls Upon Congress To Raise EV Tax Incentives

    stingray65 - The US gets virtually none of its oil from the middle east, and would get even less if the Obama administration would open up federal...
  • Re: Quick Look: 2015 Honda CR-V

    Stumpaster - That’s because I didn’t get paid for writing this.
  • Re: My Last Free Mercedes-Benz

    David C. Holzman - I know what you’re saying, but you’ve got it wrong. Steve Lynch is one of our Massachusetts congressmen–the one whose district includes...
  • Re: Quick Look: 2015 Honda CR-V

    Kamil Kaluski - You didn’t need to capitalize that S in sporting and you misspelled CR-V.
  • Re: My Last Free Mercedes-Benz

    Derek Kreindler - There’s something up with the spam filter. I rescued 25 comments from it yesterday evening alone. My apologies for this issue.
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1968 Saab 96

    Pig_Iron - Me too.
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1968 Saab 96

    Pig_Iron - That one looks like the Ford Taunus V4, which was a sibling of the Cologne V6 – Both of which were 4-stroke engines. :-)
  • Re: Quick Look: 2015 Honda CR-V

    Stumpaster - Do all engines “sport” something, or maybe some of them “have” something? Another overused cliche, particularly dumbfounding because there...
  • Re: Quick Look: 2015 Honda CR-V

    eggsalad - “In 1999 my mother was shopping for a . . .‘99 Honda CR-V EX … with a 5-speed manual transmission.” I’d love to shop for a 2015 CR-V with a...
  • Re: My Last Free Mercedes-Benz

    raresleeper - It ran well for every bit of 3 months. Engine blew at around 60k. Pissed parents, pursued charges… but withdrew them. Can you- rather, would you- really sue...

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