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By on June 26, 2012

The Simca-derived Omnirizon platform led to some sportier-looking variations as the Malaise Era ground to a close. The hatchback-coupe Dodge 024 and Plymouth TC3 became the Charger and the Turismo, respectively, in 1982. Turismos were never plentiful, and these days they’re nearly extinct. Here’s a rare example I found yesterday at a Denver self-serve wrecking yard. (Read More…)

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  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    old5.0 - So, you’re comparing the entire s197 model run to…. what? How many people who make 150k+ also own a 10 year old 3-series? The only legitimate comparison is...
  • Re: UAW, Unifor Strike Out Against Two-Tier Wages

    danio3834 - By now there’s enough 2nd tier workers to mount a force to complain that they make too little in comparison to their first tier...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    nickoo - Went to college, then to war, then back to college for second science degree, then to grad school for engineering. I would take the mustang over the three series every...
  • Re: GM Already Adding Third Shift At Mid-Size Truck Plant

    Pch101 - Express and Savana sales are up YTD. This could be a response to that. That being said, GM has sunk a lot of money into this truck. They...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    PonchoIndian - 80% of BMW drivers think their car is front wheel drive. Let that little statistic (from the CEO of BMW) marinate for a while :)
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    Jack Baruth - That’s because… wait for it… you need more income to qualify for the lease!
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    MPAVictoria - I actually don’t think many people honestly cross-shop anything. They either go to one dealer and buy whatever is on the lot that catches their eye and is...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    Jack Baruth - Already did that. They gave the cover to someone better looking and put me on page 12.
  • Re: Capsule Review: 2014 Chevrolet Traverse LT AWD

    zoomzoom91 - Agreed–I’ve found the steering wheel controls in an Acadia I drive somewhat regularly to be intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    carguy - This new Mustang launch has to be the longest in automotive history so it’s about time somebody actually talked about how it drives.

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