By on April 22, 2016

1992 Toyota Previa in Colorado Junkyard, LH front view - ©2016 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

Living in Colorado, I have become something of a connoisseur of low-sales volume, all/four-wheel-drive versions of otherwise commonplace vehicles. The rarest one so far has got to be this ’87 Ford Tempo AWD, but I also have managed to find some fairly unusual All-Trac-equipped Toyota vehicles.

There’s this ’90 Camry All-Trac, a car that’s a rarity even in this state and just about unheard of anywhere else, and a few examples of the Corolla All-Trac wagon. Now we have this gleaming gold Previa All-Trac. (Read More…)

By on January 13, 2013

Back when Pick-N-Pull and Pick Your Part both operated yards in Northern California, Half Price Day sales used to take place at least every couple of months. Everything was half off on those days, which meant you could get transmissions for something like 30 bucks, complete engines for $75, and so on. Then, back in 2009, El Pulpo packed up and left NorCal, which meant that the competition didn’t have as much motivation to put on such sales. Now that I’m in Colorado, it appears that U-Pull-&-Pay also does the occasional Half Price Day… and this time they chose the coldest weekend of this winter. (Read More…)

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    Astigmatism - If you think that the ATS “looks like a nice car” while the GTI likes like a “cheapo hatchback,” … Let’s just say that...
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    Because Cars - Back in July I traded my three year old Civic for one of these. After having my Honda’s transmission malfunction five times and neither Honda nor...
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    Jack Baruth - I think I said as much in the story, right? My friend’s “new” girlfriend and so on.
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    Scoutdude - A Ghibli owning agent doing open houses??? Typically around here the only people who do open house are newbies as open houses only exist to troll for new...
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    sportyaccordy - Sonic RS does have a nice back seat…. for a subcompact. For someone whose livelihood depends in part on a car making a good impression, I would go...
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    Drzhivago138 - Only problem is, the Sport manual model only has FWD and smaller engine, and comes in black and two shades of gray.
  • Re: Ace of Base: 2017 Volkswagen Golf S

    Jeff Waingrow - I’ve had several A4s, and could honestly never be sure where the leather ended and the vinyl began. Lower-end leather today is completely...
  • Re: Ace of Base: 2017 Volkswagen Golf S

    Jerome10 - I have not driven this model but I have to think this is a good fit for this ace of base based on my experience owning a MKV GTI and spending a week last...
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    PrincipalDan - Back in the 2005 time frame while house hunting with the first wife, our realtor was driving a late 1990s Lexus LX. Black exterior, gold badging, and tan...
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    suspekt - The answer to this question WILL ALWAYS BE: 2012-2014 Acura TL SH-AWD in 6 Speed Manual. Probably one of THE MOST underrated performance cars for all weather...

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