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By on April 3, 2013

When Chevrolet’s seventh son generation Corvette was introduced, many purists reacted with horror over the fact that the new car no longer has what has been traditional on Corvettes since the C2 in 1963, two round tail lights on each side. “The new ‘Vette has Camaro tail lights!” more than a few said. Though if you look at both the 2013 Camaro and the 2014 Corvette rear lamps side by side, the main similarity is that neither one of them is round. The Camaro’s are trapezoids and the Corvette’s are more parallelogram shaped. Tom Peters is in charge of design at General Motors for full size trucks and performance cars. Something that  Peters talked about on the night of the C7’s reveal and now emphasized in a video he made for Autoweek, the three dimensional shaping of the new Corvette’s tail lights, has me thinking that it wasn’t the Camaro’s back end that influenced the new ‘Vette, but rather it was the tail lights of the current Mustang. (Read More…)

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    CoreyDL - Well, the original owner for years 0-9 was pretty fastidious in maintenance. And had lots of money to spend because he was a surgeon, apparently. So I’ll give...
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    Undefinition - Came to read anecdotes about “German Engineering and Reliability.” Was not disappointed.
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    28-Cars-Later - That must be some kind of super Audi to have survived all of this time and all of those miles through multiple owners.
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    Fred - Hell I’d pull you over just because you have all that gear blocking your view out the windshield.
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    CoreyDL - Thanks! I really enjoyed owning it, but that kind of car is not for a person in their early 20’s starting a career. Maybe later on I’ll have one again.
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    Pch101 - Nissan has lower market share in Canada than in the US. There may be more pressure to push numbers up in the Great White North.
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    Compaq Deskpro - My experience with my radar detector is that it works for most small town police, but is useless on the highway, where everyone has laser. The enormous...

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