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Dan writes:

Dear Sajeev,

A recent post on the CX-9 users forum (at caught my eye. An stalwart owner tore down his 3.5 (Ford) engine to clean up a sludging problem and broke a rod bolt in the process. He then discovered much to his dismay that replacement rod bolts are not considered “serviceable parts” by Mazda. In fact, it turns out that most of the internal engine components you would want to replace in a rebuild are not available from Mazda. (This is true for both the 3.5 and the more recent 3.7 litre versions.) Unavailable items include pistons, rings, bearings, etc. Searching on-line one can find the typical factory exploded parts diagrams with all these internal components listed, but in lieu of part numbers there is the notation, “This part is not serviced.” (Here’s an example) (Read More…)

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    PonchoIndian - no ragrets! Nice car btw
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    danio3834 - A completely anonymous car. Saturn is quickly becoming nothing more than a legend. Before you know it, no one will believe they even existed.
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