By on January 7, 2013

When Joni Mitchell finally agreed to release a Hits album, she did so with the stipulation that the label also release a Misses album full of music that she was happy to have made even if the critics and buyers didn’t dig it.

So. What follows is five bona-fide, hit-counter-spinning hits, and five how-dare-you-turn-your-nose-up-at-my-talent misses. Let the second-guessing begin!

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  • Re: Ask Bark: Should I Lease a Jetta?

    suspekt - I say 03-05 because those models had all the updates including strengthened lower control arms which were known to wear out prematurely. I know the newer GS350...
  • Re: Chapter One: The Repo Man and the Lexus

    JohnTaurus_3.0_AX4N - Ill check it out. I cant wait until they add a feature that will notify one if their comment was replied to without having to subscribe to the...
  • Re: Ask Bark: Should I Lease a Jetta?

    sirwired - It ain’t worth much even if it’s traded-in today as a working vehicle. It’s old and it’s a VW from a notorious time in VW reliability....
  • Re: Ask Bark: Should I Lease a Jetta?

    derekson - Plus if you drive it till it dies, you put yourself in the position of HAVING to buy a new car right away, which means you’ve lost leverage in...
  • Re: For $58 You May Pass the IIHS Small-overlap Crash

    APaGttH - I would be inclined to agree with your post for things like automatic braking and blind spot monitoring, but the small overlap crash is one of...
  • Re: Chapter One: The Repo Man and the Lexus

    FreedMike - Sounds like you had a rich and interesting childhood, Darryl. And my mom was a drunk too – without AA and God’s good grace, her story might...
  • Re: German Automakers Buy Mapmaker, Maybe for Robot Cars

    319583076 - It’s been said before and I’ll say it again – the model for autonomous cars is here and has been fully developed by...
  • Re: Ask Bark: Should I Lease a Jetta?

    derekson - Yeah the Golf sounds like what this guy is looking for to me as well. I’d imagine there are probably some decent deals for them with 2016s due soon.
  • Re: Porsche Boxster, Cayman Four-Pot Turbo Details Released

    sportyaccordy - All Subaru needs to do is up the displacement in the BRZ. It’s as good as a base Cayman for half the $$$, dynamically.
  • Re: K40 RLS2 Radar Detector Review

    Nick_515 - Well that’s different. You just don’t really speed. Sometimes I get so tired of being on the road, I’d like to cruise at 90. Those are the times...

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