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By on October 12, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden’s net worth has been estimated to be as low as a quarter-million dollars — chump change by the standards of Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney — but surely that’s enough money in the bank to pick up a decent Trans Am, right?

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  • festiboi: I beg to differ. In the early 2000’s, $4/gallon was crazy talk. That became a reality in 2005 in some...
  • Lou_BC: I take it you have never actually been in a blizzard? LOL
  • ect: “That includes the abolition of all child labor…” There, fixed it for you.
  • Lou_BC: “an unloaded pick up in the snow” That is the pervasive myth of pickup ownership, we all spend...
  • Dan: I realize that driving a Hyundai is no longer something to be ashamed of. But it’s not something to be...

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