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As part of their campaign against “distracted driving”, NHTSA has released new voluntary guidelines governing the use of in-car infotainment systems.

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  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    bball40dtw - The advertisement wants to make you think that he does.
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    gtemnykh - bball my own 4Runner is now close enough to factory fresh as it is (a mere 124k miles on it) so I think I’m all set there :) These things age rather slowly if you...
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    CoreyDL - Probably for the best then, they only missed out on a couple years of decent sales.
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    28-Cars-Later - He’s not the happy couple and salesman so why bother.
  • Re: Reader Review: 2013 BMW 128i Sport

    CoreyDL - It’s not like you can’t go find a tidy Element used. Made all the way to 2011.
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    bumpy ii - Only problem is the aluminum Ecoboost Expedition would stare at it face-to-face and declare “I must break you.”
  • Re: Inside Stories From the War Between Automakers And Dealers Over Exports

    28-Cars-Later - I really enjoyed this piece, kudos Steve.
  • Re: Reader Review: 2013 BMW 128i Sport

    CoreyDL - Lots of states don’t have inspections for that sort of thing. I don’t think the OEM ones are too bad. They’ve got auto levelers so they...
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    CoreyDL - Beau Westport does not have black friends!
  • Re: Ramcharger Rebirth

    Vulpine - You mean like Fiat? /sarc Understand your sarcasm, Truckducken, but I would note that the Fiat series is a better car than you think; especially if you’re basing your...

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