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Last month, Bertel reported on a Wall Street Journal story that revealed that BMW USA officials inflated sales figures in their zeal to overtake rival Mercedes-Benz in US sales. The automaker was offering dealers cash to basically sell the cars to themselves, under the guise of the units being used as customer demonstrators. The WSJ piece was met with laughter in the halls of car companies, as the practice is common to most automakers. The hilarity has officially ended: a former American Suzuki sales rep was just indicted for wire fraud for conspiring with a dealer to inflate sales figures. (Read More…)

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  • Re: Holden’s Loss Is Ford’s Gain

    dolorean - Big Al, this Falcon is second in ugly only to the Sixth Generation rollout ’98-’00. Somehow the proportions don’t match up well and at...
  • Re: Holden’s Loss Is Ford’s Gain

    CJinSD - We’d make similar cars, just infinitely better, with 5 year production cycles, but we chose to cripple our auto industry by electing imbeciles who...
  • Re: Review: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

    dolorean - Would it be possible to conjecture upon a person in the Lone Star State choosing the Lincoln for its MPG over the Infiniti? Probably not, true, but conceivable....
  • Re: Review: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

    dolorean - “Apologies for the stock photography, as all my shots of the Gator’s interior feature a healthy helping of autumn Texas mud” Jack, I’m more than...
  • Re: Review: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

    dolorean - Agreed. I am the Troglodyte who cannot stand to have/own a car/truck that I cannot back up without wizardry in the dashboard, though will admit to McLovin’...
  • Re: UAW Local Wins Full Access To VW Chattanooga Factory

    CJinSD - It’s little wonder that VW can’t make cars well when they repeat mistakes like this one.
  • Re: Holden’s Loss Is Ford’s Gain

    Big Al from Oz - Here a link of the review of the Ford Falcon in the picture. I like the XR8 with the 5 litre Boss engine as standard. The write seems quite...
  • Re: UAW Local Wins Full Access To VW Chattanooga Factory

    jrmason - If the Germans didn’t regret setting up shop in the land of greed they will now.
  • Re: Editorial: It’s Too Late For Oshawa

    Big Al from Oz - Hmmm……how many billions has been pumped into the Canadian auto industry since the GFC? How much money from the taxpayer went into the...
  • Re: Explosive Growth For Long Term Auto Loans In Q3 2014

    Big Al from Oz - The way I see it is this way; 1. There should be regulatory control regarding the finance and banking industry. This would mean a...

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